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A Fun but Functional and Simple Planner Setup using a Creative Pack

Greetings and welcome back to the blog. I thought today I would share with you how you can set up a new planner to be simple and functional, but also fun and bright and colourful.

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to see the number of sections that come in a new planner and it can be a struggle to work out how to fill them all. I find it useful to just ignore the existing dividers and make my own. But before I even begin to look at all the pretty papers with which to make my dividers, I sit down with a notebook and list out all the things I want to keep track of.

For this planner setup, I wanted to have a section for calendar planning – I wanted to use monthly and weekly inserts, and maybe some space for daily planning when it’s necessary.

How to make your TN look pretty with a creative pack

I’ve been using a TN for over a year now. I first started in a standard then moved to a pocket and then after envying others I have ended up in a B6. And this is a size I am very happy with. So happy that I have ditched my EC Hourly and and turned this into my main planner. What I like about the TN system is the flexibility to keep as plain or as decorated as you like. Personally I like all the pretty things. Not too much that it is unusable but just enough that I want to get it out and go ooooh all day long.

Using a creative Pack for the first time

Using a Creative Pack for the First Time

I’m not the creative type in that I can’t draw that well, unless stick men and the odd doodle count. I’m also not very good at visualising how things will turn out paper. I guess this is in part why I’m not
so good at using entire sticker kits in my planner and why I plan mostly with functional stickers with
the odd decorative one.