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Hobonichi and Happy Planer

Curing the planner itch

Planner Itch. It’s very contagious and extremely prevalent at this time of year. I myself have been suffering from a chronic bout of it, which has lasted almost 12 months. However, never fear, lovely planner people, for I am here with an antidote to planner squirrel syndrome which I hope will help you to quell the irritation and start your new year itch-free!

Hobonichi weeks planning

Hobonichi Weeks planning

I love my Hobonichi Weeks. It’s my perfect sized on the go planner. And I love the fact of how much you can fit inside. Plus there’s just something about the paper. I obviously chose the Penguin Weeks for 2020. Well I’ll let you in on a secret – I actually have two! One for my everyday on the go and the other for a social media planner. You can’t officially start using it until November 25th but I’ve been using the notes pages in the back since the middle of October. I’m very keen to get going but also using the opportunity to practice my layouts for 2020. Not sure I’m there yet but I’m getting there. The Weeks seems to be a very popular planner at the moment so I thought I’d share my favourite sheets I use and how I use the Weeks.

Erin Condren hourly planner change

So with only 3 months of the year left I decided to change planners.... why ??
Well I hadn’t been using my vertical erin Condren life planner, it just wasn’t working for me anymore. So decided to bite the bullet and I ordered the Hourly version instead. It was a late night order, I must make the best decisions at night.  My new planner arrived within the week and I couldn’t wait to get planning.