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Hobonichi, Passion Planner, Personal rings and EBDUK stickers

Planner Itch Relapse!

Way back in December, I wrote a blog post entitled 'Curing the Planner Itch' I am sorry to report that I appear to have had a relapse and am itching all over the place! I don’t know whether it’s the constantly changing times, the recent events in the planner community or simply the classic Libra indecisiveness but, just recently, I’ve found myself in quite the quandary. This calendar year alone, I have tried a Passion Planner, personal rings, A5 rings, Hobonichi Cousin, Hobonichi Weeks and I still haven’t found that elusive 'Planner Peace'. Let me talk you through it...

Wordsworth Planner and Yes Planner

New planners on a budget!

Who doesn’t love a new planner? Silly question really! I have my regular daily and weekly planner but I have found myself in need of a health planner and I have wanted to set up a planner for my social media tasks for a while too.  June is great time to try something new especially if you don’t mind starting half way through a yearly planner - after all you can cover anything you want with stickers!! So I set myself a challenge….to find 2 planners from everyday sources that I could buy for less than £30 to complement my regular, expensive, yearly treat planner….

Erin Condren, Hobonichi and EllieBeth Stickers

So Many Ways With One Collection

Every month for 'What’s New Wednesday' Rachel brings us the most beautiful collections for our planners. In April we had the 'Honey' collection; bright bees, yellows, golds, and purples. I loved it so much I had to put it in all my planners. I thought I’d show you how I used it.