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Favourite layouts

Favourite layouts

At this time of year it's easy to start thinking about what planner we might choose for next year. I'm pretty happy with my current planners and I have a system that makes changing from one planner to another really easy without anything getting lost so I thought I would take a look at some of my favourite layouts and different planner spreads and share with you why I love them.

Frankenplanning in a Happy Planner with EBDUK

Fancy a little Frankenplanning?

The Urban Dictionary defines Frankenplanning as creating your own planner from multiple existing planners to find your planner peace.

So I decided to go through my forgotten planners and give them some much needed attention and create my own Happy Frankenplanner setup.

Hobonichi, TN, Passion Planner

2020 Current Planners

I am definitely in the midst of a planner crisis at the moment and fidgeting all over the place. I can’t completely make a decision on what I want to use or the different parts of my set up that I want. I have used multiple planners over the past couple of weeks, which has thrown One Book July completely out the window.