Stickerating on a Budget

By Creative Planning Team - Suzanne Roberts
A% Daily Dup from Erin Condren with EBDUK stickers

I don't know about you but I am definitely feeling a little overwhelmed by the cost of living crisis. With this predicted to last at least another year I've had to rethink my current strategy and budget for planner stickers. Now I'm not going go on about the array of different ways to spread costs etc as I'm sure there are many different options we can all use. I've put some things in place which are helping me continue my love of stickerating and enabling me to order the stickers I need along with those new designs I feel I just can't live without. 

EBDUK reusable sticker book with stickers

First job was to get even slicker with my sticker organising. A reorganise of my reusable sticker albums. Originally my reusable album wasn't set up the way I would like it. I kept adding stickers randomly where I could find space. Bring on a labour of love which took me a whole week to finally get it where I wanted it. Now I can actually see what stickers I have and how many I have of each. Saving me a lot of time and money. It's also helped me when pulling spreads together and I now have lots of spare pages for more stickers in future. 

EBDUK sticker binders with EBDUk stickers

Next job was to get to work on my sticker binders. After purchasing my new Penguin Joe slim folder, I was ready to get going. I've split mine into the following categories....collections, rainbow functional,  neutral or EC flora functional, monthly kits, and weekly/mini weeks kits. This has allowed me to plan further ahead on what kits to use for which weeks and which ones I want to get a bit more creative with.

EBDUK Monthly sticker kit

As a previous prolific sticker purchaser I have an abundance of sticker shop samplers and freebies from sales etc. At one point I had filled a whole reusable album with all of the sampler stickers. It can be difficult to pull these together as a spread unless you already have stickers from that particular shop. Great idea I discovered on Instagram was the monthly remix challenge or the sticker a day challenge. I've been doing this a few months now and I've really enjoyed utilising the wonderful array of stickers from some fab shops.

EC A5 Daily Duo with EBDUK stickers

EBDUK Shop sampler - now if you're an EllieBeth fan like me then you'll have received some of the fantastic freebie samplers included with your orders. These samplers are just perfect for creating daily spreads. They all run on a colour or design theme and they contain a great selection of different stickers. I'm loving using these in my EC Daily duo. 

EBDUK Stickers in an Erin Condren planner

Finally I have a confession, I hold my hands up, yes, I am a sticker hoarder! Organising my stickers highlighted to me the vast array of stickers that for some reason I've never brought myself to use. I had huge amounts of free stickers that have come with every EC planner I've had over the last few years and it was just ridiculous. Why I didn't use them with the actual planner they were designed for I don't know! I discovered some were starting to lose their adhesive and were drying out. I've pulled them all together and I've been creating spreads with these and to be honest,  I've really enjoyed getting creative.

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