Stickerating for Wellness: Hope Is the Thing with Feathers

by Natalie Bowers, Design Team member



I knew EllieBeth Designs UK was the sticker shop for me when I read the tagline: Brighten Up Every Day!


You see, brightening up every day in my bullet journal has played a big part in my recovery from mental illness. Long story short: in early 2017, I spent nearly six weeks in a mental health hospital being treated for severe depression and anxiety, and while I was in hospital, I began using adult colouring books to pass the time. Eventually, this led me back to doodling, which led me back to watercolouring, which led me back to decorating my planner. But it wasn’t until I’d been discharged from hospital and attended a Recovery College course on Hope that I realised what had been happening. During the workshop, one of the facilitators shared this quote:


‘A hopeful person surrounds themself with people, colour, sounds and work that nourish them.’ 


On hearing this, I realised that, in one way or another, I had been surrounding myself with people, colour, sounds and work that nourished me. Decorating my bullet journal with doodles and stencils and stamps and watercolour not only gave me something meaningful to do; the colours and shapes and shimmer also lifted my spirits. My bullet journal had become my recovery companion: a creative tool for managing my life (and my family’s life), an authentic record of the journey I was on, and a daily dose of colour, light, life, hope.


Can you see why I was immediately attracted to the concept of using planner stickers to ‘brighten up every day’?



For the last few months, I’ve been using EBDUK stickers to add functionality and creativity to my planner, and colour and hope to my life. It’s probably no surprise that the first kit I bought was the ‘Hope’ kit. As soon as I read the quote, I knew was going to buy it. It’s the first line from one of my favourite poems. 


Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul,

And sings the tune without words, 

And never stops at all

 - Emily Dickenson


The other thing about the Hope kit that grabbed me was the colour scheme: teal, peach and mint. My favourite colours!



But EBDUK stickers don’t just pretty-up my planner. As well as incorporating the more decorative elements for colour and creativity, I also use the more functional stickers to help me track my wellness habits – things I do every day to build my physical and mental resilience – and to help me remember to do things, whether that’s putting the bins out, writing a blog post, filming a video, going for a walk or taking a break. There are even stickers I use to remind me to take mindful moments during the day, and stickers I use to help me pray.



So, if you’re looking for a way to brighten up every day that will also help you along whatever journey you’re on, take a look through the EBDUK stickers and see if there is a collection for you.


Thanks for reading! Catch you soon.


Love Natalie x


Natalie Bowers is a paper crafter, media-mixer and memory-keeper who lives in the south of England with her husband and two children. A gregarious loner and shameless eavesdropper, she can often be found haunting the dark recesses of coffee shops and cafes, her pencil poised above paper. When Natalie is not writing and doodling, she is either arting and crafting in her shoffice or binge-watching YouTube tutorials on the sofa. She also likes to trawl charity shops for vintage paper and comb local beaches for sea glass. Natalie has overcome severe depression and anxiety and now happily shares the story of how she is recovering by discovering wellness, resilience and purpose through creativity, mindfulness, prayer and planning.









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