#stickerateMONTHLY in Action

By Creative Planning Team - Katie Teage

Even before joining the creative planning team I had signed myself up for the EllieBeth Designs UK #stickerateMONTHLY subscription. I loved the idea of getting a monthly kit and knowing that It would provide more than enough stickers for the month. I could plan my sticker budget for the month and then it would just land on the doorstep!

I’ve really enjoyed all of the kits so far and have never been disappointed by Rachel's choice of artwork. They are also always very different to what’s being put in the shop so it really does feel very exciting to open it each month. 

So how have I used March’s subscription? Well to be honest I haven’t used anything else!

I started by making a monthly spread. I love how the mini kit comes with so many small labels which fit my personal ring planner insures perfectly. There are always enough to use the same colours for reoccurring events and also different shapes to make stand alone events. 

EBDUK stickers in a personal ring planner

Then I got covid…. and we all got it pretty bad..

So what do you do when you have covid? Curl up with a blanket and make a gratitude spread on some blank pages!

#stickerateMONTHLY from EBDUK in a ring planner

This is the beauty of these kits, they can be for multiple uses! I really like my gratitude spread. I just used Washi and repurposed the daily date stickers. Simple. 

Because we had covid, when it came to my weekly spread the cancelled and rescheduled stickers came into their own. 

Beautiful EBDUK stickers in a ring planner

These stickers do not come with the kit but Rachel's differing rainbow pallet options mean that any kit is covered and no event gets left behind! 

I change my inserts all of the time at the moment and don’t seem to have the same look physically so each week I am trying to be creative with  my sticker use

EBDUK stickers in a ring planner

But the subscription kit seems to be very versatile and I am able to create multiple mini spreads and others with it!

Are you subscribed? If you are how do you use your kits? If your not, which combination of sheets would you consider?

Sign up for your subscription here: https://www.elliebethdesignsuk.com/collections/stickerate-monthly


Coming Next Week:

Robyn Dexter-Attwood - What's in my planner bag?

If there's one thing I like almost as much as planners, its bags! Working from home over the past two years, I’ve wanted to plan in different locations more than at my desk, so I have a planner bag! It goes around the house with me and is now venturing out as we go back to travelling and planner events. So, what exactly is in my bag? 

The bag itself: To be honest, this varies. I’ve always had bags and I use because I like them. So, when we were stuck at home with nowhere to go, I started using the around the house. At the moment, I’m using a Cath Kidston tote bag because it's easy to just dump stuff in and keep it all contained. 


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