Setting up my Hobonichi Cousin

By Creative Planning Team Member - Robyn Dexter-Attwood


In March, I decided to treat myself to a new planner to recognise how far I’ve come with my mental health in two years. I decided I would finally have another Hobonichi cousin and the Spring start has arrived just in time. Naturally, I turned to my EllieBeth binders (and the website) to help me in this process!

Hobonichi Cousin calendar with EBDUk stickers 

Calendar Pages:

To me, this seems like the most frivolous stickerating but I love it and was adamant that it was going to be part of my new planner set up. I’ve used R253 to add colour and English headers to the individual months. I really like the watercolour rainbow effect of these sheets so it makes a reference page colourful to look at. Continuing onto the monthly overview pages, I’ve added the header strips from sheet A. I’m not 100% certain how I will use these yet, but I have pulled out some of the colours in the pen choice to draw round the month and separate the weeks.

Monthly calendar pages in a Hobonichi Cousin with EBDUK stickers 

Monthly spreads:

Who says functional can’t be pretty? For April, I’ve used the Let it Rain A5 Monthly Core sheet. I actually have things on the calendar for this month, so I’ve been able to use the labels! So far I’ve managed to fit: Appointments, gratitude prompts, reminders, the week I have off work, and hubby’s on call rota. There’s still space left! The side bar spaces, I’m using for social media planning also have a bit to add there. May is similar but has the bare bones. I’ve done something a bit different and moved the last day of May to he beginning because I like to have the same amount space for each day. Fingers crossed we actually get our holiday, but for his spread is a blank canvas that I can add dates and things to as they come up.

Hobonichi Cousin with EBDUK stickers 

Weekly Spreads:

I’ve used the meadow A5 Weekly Core for the first full week of April. This is my birthday week and I love the stripes in this. I’ve also added a couple of bits from the day to day life sheet and a checklist. I love how compact yet spacious this spread feels. It could just be because I’m not working for three of the days in the week! I got carried away and ended up planning the next couple of weeks as well. The second full seek I’ve used another A5 weekly core sheet with a few extra bits of washi. It’s a lovely warming spring spread and reminiscent of some of the colours I had at my wedding - appropriate for the week of my wedding anniversary! The final week I’ve set up, I used a washi sheet from the Let it rain collection. This is for the April/May transition week and reminded me of the old phrase ‘April showers bring May flowers’. 

Hobonichi Cousin with EBDUK stickers

Daily spreads:

I'm actually aiming not to stickerate the daily pages (gasp!), however, I am adding to the cover page for each month. For April, I’ve kept it simple with a strip of striped washi and a few labels. Functional overview.

This is definitely a planner for the just because side of me, but I love how the A5 stickers just fit in this planner. Rachel definitely has a sticker for every planner and its so satisfying when they fit!


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Hobonichi Cousin and EBDUK stickers