Setting up for October

By Creative Planning Team Member - Robyn Dexter-Attwood

It's the start of a new month and a new quarter so I’m sharing some of my set up process. As it's a new quarter, I start with a bit of a reflection. 

3 month goal planning with EBDUK stickers

In my new quarter four Amplify Planner, I use the 3 month goal page as a review of where I feel things are in different areas of my life. This is similar to the Powersheets and is something I have colour coded throughout the year. I’ve used 3 star checklists (R102) and a mix of rainbow (R098)/lunar rainbow (C043) headers to add some colour to this spread.

Life review sheets from EBDUK

From here I then break things down in my Passion Planner. I use a blank double spread in the back of this planner to capture some of the things I need to consider for the next quarter. I use a review it notes sheet to do a quick capture review of the past quarter - it's similar to the Amplify planner but it's slightly different and I find it quite useful to have it as a reference. I’ve used the monthly headers (R250) to add a splash of colour. This space is where I make notes on things as they come up after a quick recording of events, tasks and things to focus on during these months.

October monthly layouts with EBDUK stickers

October is firmly in autumn so I’ve gone for an autumn theme this month. I’ve used the monthly sheets from last month’s Throwback Thursday - the monthly skeleton and monthly extras - along with some of the washi strips, checklists and labels from the collection. This has allowed me to use the stickers across both of the monthly spreads in my Passion Planner and my Amplify Planner. This month, I’m recording my gratitude in my Amplify Planner monthly. This is the planner that I use on a daily basis and so I may actually remember to complete it more regularly. I still want a reference point for some of the things to remember so I’ve used the sidebar sticker to record these.

Amplify planner monthly with EBDUK stickers

My Passion Planner is more of a detailed overview of everything so is a bit more functional. I’ve also been spoiled by the lined monthly in the Amplify Planner so I’ve drawn lines in this month which I’m already loving! In this I record an overview of everything. I take my notes from the back page and add in the relevant tasks and events for the month. I’ve worked out this year that writing a list of everything and then reorganising it may be repetitive but it really does work for me.

Monthly stickerated layout from Robyn Dexter Attwood

This is one monthly set up that I’m really looking forward to using. Its functional and colourful and predominantly orange! Colour always helps me look at things so I’m really looking forward to filling this is as the month goes on.

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Setting up October with EBDUK Stickers by Robyn Dexter Attwood