Seasonal Planning

By Design Team - Katie Teage

I thought I’d take us on a trip down memory lane and show my planners through the seasons. I really enjoy using stickers, pens and washi to reflect the colours I see around me in the seasons.

So I decided to look back through my Instagram and see how I have represented the seasons in my planners. The main thing I can see is that I have had planner itch quite a few times! But what’s great is that Rachel’s stickers work across multiple planners. Some of these photos go way back to when there was just one kit, not even a collection. A kit that was suitable for Erin Condren planners but it worked with so many planners and lay outs!


Spring - in a Traveller's Notebook

Spring EBDUK in a TN

This week has been beautiful where I live: Bright blue skies interjected crisp white lines of airplane trails; trees gently moving in the wind and turning from green to orange; the sunlight evenings clinging on to the last light of the few days of summer that are left and cool winds whispering around our ankles reminding us of what is to come. Oh, the seasons, how I love thee.

I think that is the most poetic thing I’ve ever written! :D


Summer - in Foxy Fix rings

Summer in a TN by Katie Teage

But I do really appreciate the seasons and the rainbow of colours that are presented by them and what’s more, so does Rachel!

I love that Rachel wants to create seasonal stickers. Its not just to follow a trend, it’s because she knows how much they all affect us and how that impacts on our lives. That may sound a bit over the top but I think its true!


Autumn - Back in a Traveller's Notebook!  

Autumn in a TN by Katie Teage

Time has really been against me recently. I’m just back to paper and pen and lists and dates. I really miss my creative times, I know I will find time for them again but with a little baby, and four major work projects, listing is my love language now!


Winter - Hello Erin Condren Hourly!

Winter in a TN by Katie Teage

Now Rachel has options for every kind of planner! I’ve just moved over to a bullet journal (I know, I recently proclaimed that I would never leave the passion planner… but I did) and there are A5 core sheets in the shop ready to go now!

Whatever season, whatever planner, Rachel has your back. Cute characters, such as Penguin Joe, bold, rainbow or muted colours she has it all.

Enjoy this little gallery and my flick through the past

Katie xx


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 Seasonal planning by Katie Teage