Pre-planning - How and why!

By Creative Planning Team Member - Katie Teage


I used to have time. A cup of tea, a YouTube video, some snacks, my stickers, washi and pens and I would plan. This could take anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours!  

Then I had two tiny children… and it all changed (lol). I don’t even have a desk anymore, I have an area of the kitchen, the command centre if you will, where mummy hides her ‘special pens and special stickers’.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mad house and everything that it brings with it, but it does mean that if I want a pretty planner, and I do, I have to pre plan and make use of all available time to put things in place.  Sometimes long before an event to make it looks nice.


Personal ring planner with EBDUK stickers

Pretty planning motivates me. It’s like a visual reward system. I'm much more likely to get something done if it is in my planner and if it looks lovely.

I am a functional planner these days but if it’s just paper and pen it doesn’t motivate me to succeed. However, when I’ve run out of time and I only have 5-10 minutes, I use the new sampler sets that come with stickerate monthly! It works a treat.

EBDUK stickers in a ring planner

Pre planning works for me as I do have a pretty predictable week. I know where my toddler will be, nursery/groups etc, and my work is education based and so has a rigidity to it. This makes pre planning possible, especially as Rachel brings out seasonal kits a good 6 weeks in advance. Monthly options are also available 2 months in advance as well. 

EBDUK stickers for planners and travellers notebooks 

Now that I’ve got a little system going in my planner, I tend to do 2 weeks, sometimes 3, at a time. I keep to the ‘plan’ but leave space for daily creativity and needs. What’s also good about this is that if I don’t get to my planner that day, it’s still part filled and looks pretty! 

How do you plan? Do you plan far in advance? Do you plan day to day? What works best for you? Find me on Instagram @mummyteageplans and let me know.

Katie x


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