Playing with Planners – 8x10 Erin Condren Softbound

By Creative Planning Team Member - Robyn Dexter-Attwood

With everything that’s going on, I’m having a lot of fun trying different things out and most recently this has included an 8x10 softbound Erin Condren Life Planner. I tried the hardbound when it first came out and while it was a wonderful size, I wasn’t a big fan of the paper at the time. However having stroked Rachel’s at the end of last year, it's been on my wish list.

The main thing I wanted to see was whether I could fit the vast majority of things into it whilst also having stickers! I have to say, so far, so good. I’m really excited to use it during May with a bit more confidence of how I want it to function for me.

Passion Planner monthly with EBDUK stickers

Starting with the monthly spreads, I’ve used the leftover bits I had from the Kindness Collection monthly sheets to create a splash of colour. Strips of washi from the collection and deco really do add that spring feel. I’ve also used the rainbow monthly habit trackers (R244), days of the week (R247) and rainbow date flags (R136) to add some extras and complete the set up I wanted. One of the things I have been focusing on this year is financial tracking and this features mainly on my monthly spread. I’ve used Penguin Joe Bill Due stickers (R178) and Tiny Scallops (R184) to make this really stand out.

Passion Planner weekly spread with EBDUK stickers

In my weekly spreads, I’ve started using list it and track it sheets with washi strips to create a bit of structure. I start with this as it helps set my thought process for whats coming during the week ahead and deciding on a colour scheme.

Next I add in labels for key events. The event labels might not be wide enough for the larger columns but adding a penguin Joe to the sides mean you don’t notice. The full boxes with overly are a nice splash for the quieter weekends so events can be added if they come up, but its not completely empty if they don’t. It another easy way to mark off the weekend. My lists on the weekend also utilise slightly different stickers as they are mostly focused around doing as little as possible, and a big communal shopping trip and delivery service.

Passion Planner wellness tracking with EBDUK stickers

The final part of the bottom half of each day. The larger box is space for my tending list and self care. The lined bottom box is where I’m recording my wellness tracking. I’ve cut the hydrate stickers in half so I can fit hydration and dinner on two lines. Sleepy Penguin Joe (R194) is where I track my sleep for each day. The final day is blank for anything I need to note.

I’m really enjoying this planner, the space and the experimentation of trying different things in it as escapism at the moment. And just because a sticker isn’t designed with a particular planner in mind, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work!

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Playing with Planners