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This isn't the blog I was intending to write this weekend. I was going to go through an update of where my planning is now, half way through the year. However, fuelled by inspiration from all the wonderful posts and pictures from the EBDUK Annual Event I'm finally taking some time to set up a self care journal.


Self care planner inserts


I've always tried to include time in my planner for me. All my regular jobs and project work gets scheduled into 4 days, Monday to Thursday. Friday morning is catchup and catch all time for anything unfinished or that takes longer than expected and the Friday afternoon is supposed to be for me. For updating skills, new designs or anything else I feel like doing but normally self enrichment based. But I have to admit that it's this  precious me time that is the first thing to get eaten into when other things happen. However, I'm beginning to realise as I get older that if I don't take care of myself then I won't have the capacity to support those around me. My friends and family know I'm a compulsive fixer in life but I know I have to allow time to offload and regroup otherwise I risk burn out - never a good place to be and something that hit me recently when I let my 'me time' slip. That's not happening again if I can help it!


Hydrate tracker in my vegan planner  


I've had a standard sized travellers notebook for a few months and it's been sitting on the shelf looking lonely and taunting me to find a use for it. So this is what I am going to use for my 'I'm my newest project' planner. Going into the  Summer is when I have time away from the additional pull of school tasks and I reorganise my weekly schedule and this year I'm taking time to be my own project!

Inside the planner I'm setting up a page for each week - with a hydration tracker, weekly sidebar for tracking my regular tablets, a tracker to make sure I get at least one 'hot' tea each day - something very small but one of the the little, regular self care items I'm trying to include that make my day go well; a weight sticker - Penguin Joe of course and a space for weekend notes. 



On the facing page I have room for a little daily journalling or mood tracking and a space for recording my reading for the week. 

The overall effect is a work in progress as I find what I really need to work on but it feels like a good place to start. I have an insert in the back for my blood test results and I will be setting up a weekly food record.

I'm going to go through all the wonderful comments and suggestions for self care from the EBDUK FB group and see what I can incorporate into my week. 


Self care planner by Ronniescraft


What's your favourite self-care tip - let me know in the comments below.

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Self care in my travellers notebook

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by Ally Warren

Thanks Sharon
I’m just starting to plan my self care better too .I have been unwell and often treatment is getting me down.
I’ve found since I started habit tracking a few daily activities my motivation is improving.
At the moment I’m tracking on pages added to my planner but I like the idea of using a travellers note book.