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Hobonichi on Holiday 


So I recently went away on holiday. I stuck to my usual routine of planning the coming weeks in advance as I knew I would be busy and hate getting behind on my stickerating. So I stuck down my usual Washi Tape, Date headers and Half Boxes for Gratitude. I even watercoloured the pages. But then it occurred to me, what am I actually going to plan? Day Trips? What I’m going to eat? (Probably need bigger pages when you’re going All Inclusive) Weather?


Hobonichi Holiday journalling


So I thought about it and decided for a change why not Journal. I could record each day where we’d been or jut any general thoughts on the day. So I packed my planner, some essential stickers, a few pens (well quite a few), scissors, glue stick and my craft knife. I thought to myself, 11 days away there will be plenty of time for planning! Well, I was wrong!


Holiday journalling in my Hobonichi


I barely touched my planner. I think I got it out of my bag only once to take a picture and then it lived in the bedside cabinet for the remainder of the holiday. So there went my plan of journaling my holiday.

Fast forward to the last day, and I suddenly thought why not just print some pictures and stick those in. I can remember the main day trips so I can record those then use other random pictures of the holiday to fill gaps. So by the time I got home the next lunchtime, they’d already been delivered. I made some collages on a phone app then just selected the 5” square print and they fit perfectly. Just needed to be cut and stuck down. I may have to invest in a photo printing device for the future!


Happy Hobonichi holiday jounral


I love the finished pages. The combination of my EBDUK stickers, Watercolours and some Photos will definitely be something to look back on. It’s even made me think of getting a vertical planner. But that’s a whole other story!


Hobonichi Holiday planner

What do you do in your planner when you know you’re going to be away or you’ve just forgotten to fill it in?


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