Planning in Rainbows

by Sophie Ball, Design Team member

Who doesn’t like a rainbow? 


Rainbow bullet journal


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink. Enough to brighten a dreary day or if you just love colour in general. I recently did a spread in my Bullet Planner and asked the question “Is there a thing as too much rainbow?” That caused a bit of confusion for some so the answer to that is no. So off I went and added more rainbow!

rainbow bullet journal

Why do I love Rainbows? They’re colourful, bright, they cheer me up on a bad day and Unicorns live on Rainbows of course! So of course that means I’ve had quite a few Rainbow spreads in my planners. 

One of the first Rainbow spreads I did was using the Colour your own kit that was available last year. What I loved about this kit was that it allowed me to customise it to how I wanted it. So I coloured in the stickers using the colours of the rainbow and stuck them in order in my planner. It was quite a time consuming job but it all depends on how sticker happy you get.



Another of my rainbow spreads was in my Pocket TN.  This planner used to go everywhere with me  but now I’m in B6 which as yet is to have a rainbow spread, so I try to decorate as much as possible as this is my main planner. For this I used the rainbow sheets available in the shop and went back through all of my used kits and selected all the rainbow stickers I could find. That is the good thing about leftover stickers – they can all be used together to create such a beautiful, bright spread. 


rainbow planner


For a few weeks, I also attempted a food diary using rainbow stickers. Food tracking is something I really needed to get my head in gear and focus on. So I thought why not use pretty stickers! Surely this would motivate and inspire me to plan and track any food or exercise. It went ok for a few weeks but as much as I loved looking at and filling in, I found there just wasn’t enough room to write down everything I was eating. I’m not giving up on this idea, I have just decided that the insert isn’t working for me! So I’m going to fill my basket ready for payday and buy some of those lovely custom rainbow headers and attempt to use a B6 dot grid notebook with a day per page! Plenty of room to track all that cake I eat! 


Which do you prefer? Bright colourful rainbow spreads? Or are you more neutral? Or do you use depending on your mood or the time of year?



You can find Sophie on social media as @penguinplannner