Planning for a calmer life.

By Creative Planning Team Member - Suzanne Roberts

My planning journey has been a long one. From my FunFax as a kid, to studies in high school and college and then through my career at Sainsbury’s. I was always referred to as the ‘Starter - finisher’. The one who was seconded out to lead change programs and up skill new managers and colleagues. I even wrote my own ‘Planning and Prioritising’ Course and delivered it to hundreds of colleagues. Life changed when I became a stay at home Mummy but my love for planning grew exponentially when I discovered the planning community on Instagram and Facebook.

Day headers from EBDUK

The reason I plan is it calms my mind and it helps me feel like I have achieved something in that day or week. My style is very much that of a ‘List Maker’. There’s nothing like writing a ‘to-do’ list and seeing it all ticked off. This is why I find the Erin Condren weekly vertical layout and the Daily Duo perfect for my planning needs. I plan everyday without fail. Mainly at the end of the day so that I can be prepared for the following one and digest the day I have had. It certainly helps me sleep.

Pretty sticker layout with EBDUK stickers

My weekly spreads always include at least 3 weekly checklists which almost always include ‘to buy’, ‘cleaning/hinching’ and ‘me Time’. I love using the 7 star checklists that fit perfect in the weekly layout and I always use either a header or event label to top it off. Same goes for the daily duo spread where the 13 star checklist fits perfectly covering the circles on the to-do list.

Memory layout with EBDUK stickers

Half boxes form a big part of my planner spreads. I use them at the top of each day to firstly cover the header and secondly I like to track Instagram posts for my accounts. I signify this with either a phone icon sticker or a Penguin Joe. I also use half box checklists at the bottom of my weekly spreads to make mini daily to-do’s, utilising icons to signify things like bin collections and bills due. The boxes fit perfectly above washi run along the bottom of the page and so adds to the decorative aspect I love about planning.

Daily Duo planner with EBDUK stickers

And that leads perfectly into washi tape - who doesn’t love a good washi?
I find washi tape integral to the decorative  and creative aspect of planning. You will always find washi in my spreads in both the daily duo and weekly vertical.  Whether I am doing a themed week or using a beautiful collection I will always ensure I have enough washi available to finish the layout look I want. I specifically either order a washi sheet or I will order sheets which include the side strips of washi. We all use washi in different ways and I find its versatility inspiring.

Daily Duo layout with EBDUK stickers

I’ve tried the whole paperless and technology route and it just doesn’t work for me. I’m a pen and paper kind of planner. I love writing about my days with my son, my family, adding a photo to record that special moment and writing down what I am thankful for. I think it is key to my mental health and so although my life has changed significantly through the years my love of planning life has never and will never leave me.

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Planning process in an EC Daily Duo with EBDUK stickers