Planning for Productivity

By Design Team - Sophie Ball


Why do we plan? For fun and we enjoy it? We need to? Work? Personal? Health? Just to use pretty stickers? To be more productive?  When I started planning it was 'ooh look how pretty that layout is' and 'look at those stickers'. But lately productivity is more the point for me. I’ve always had a diary or planner of some sort.  The stickers came later! I’ve always had lists of tasks to do and kept reminders of important dates such as birthdays. But lately I’ve been looking at it in a completely different way. Planning your day is one of the most important things you can do to make difficult tasks easier. It increases your productivity and makes you feel more fulfilled, well it does me anyway! Planning your day allows you to prioritise tasks, complete them and get them ticked off! Isn’t that satisfying?


Erin Condren hourly layout


But sometimes productivity doesn’t go to plan. One thing goes down and then the whole lot follows, scuppering all your well made plans. What do you do then? Panic! Well that used to annoy me when it happened as I wasn’t get things ticked off. And I like a completed list! What do I do now? I’ve started just writing a list of tasks that need doing but not allocating them to a day. They just get ticked off when it gets done. If not, it gets carried over to next week.


Erin Condren Hourly loyout


So I have two planners. An EC Hourly and a Hobonichi Weeks. My EC Hourly is the stay at home planner and the Weeks my on the go. Sometimes I go days without out looking at the Hourly. So I have to make sure all the important lists and info is in the Weeks. In my Hourly I tend to put more personal stuff such as bill tracking, savings tracking, birthdays & important dates. No point writing lists if I’m not going to be checking it everyday! I have even started planning way in advance – at the moment I’m planned up until the beginning of November! See productivity live in action right there!


Hobonichi weeks with EBDUK stickers


I’ve recently started planning in the Hobonichi Weeks. I was in the A6 but I found I was really missing the overall weekly view. I like to see everything in one place. When you’re having a busy week, you really need to see everything in one place. Luckily the Mini Weeks sheets are perfect for this planner or any small planner really. I can list any events that are occurring on the left hand side with any important tasks that have to be done that day. And on the right hand side, I have an overall to do list, meal plan, habit trackers and the weather. My weather forecaster Penguin Joe is always spot on! And to finish off I uses the Day to Day life sheet which is just brimming with penguins! My dream sheet! This brings a bit of fun to my layout! I also get a few cancelled/rescheduled/nope stickers included on the sheet for when those plans just don’t happen!


Mini Weeks sheets from EBDUK


Everyone has their own way of making things work for them. It’s taken 3 years to get this point and I’m sure it will change again as it will in the evolving world of planners. But for now I’m finding myself a system of being more productive and this is working for me for now. What are your top tips for being productive in your planner?


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Hobonichi Weeks planning for productivity