Planning for Health

By Design Team - Robyn Dexter-Attwood


For the past 6 months, health has been a major feature of my planning. In July, I started a wellness journal as part of my One Book July and really started to record and analyse different things to do with my health. In this post, I’m going to share with you some insights into how I’ve made this all a major feature of my planning setup.

BDA Happy Planner spread


What does health mean?

This was my starting point for considering how to incorporate health into my planning. I took a piece of paper and recorded the things I considered important to my health. For me, health means the physical and the mental. I then took this list and created this reference page. Its used a lot!


BDA Monthly health plan


Pre-planning the week

This is the first step in planning for me week. It's still a relatively new part of my planning routine but is proving worthwhile. I use a half sheet and map out the events of the week. I usually then time block my week in my passion planner to see where the heavy days are. I then use this to inform my meal planning. The last thing that gets marked is trigger days (red stars) which are heavier days and self care days (green stars) where I will make a point of doing some ‘fluffy’ self-care.


BDA Planning for health


The fun stuff…stickers!

The act of putting down stickers is an absorbing activity. This is something that I picked up from my therapy sessions earlier in the year. Absorbing activities are exactly that – activities that completely absorb you to the point where you are only focused and thing about the task at hand. This is why my health section is so sticker heavy! Everything has a sticker of its own!

After choosing a theme for the week, I work from the bottom up, starting with the physical stuff. I use:

Happy Planner planning for health


Next comes the mental health tracking. For this I use:

Happy Planner - planning for health


From this I then plan the rest of each day, with checklists and a reminder of the events, with space for things to be added during the week. The side bar also has my focus for the week (R123), medication tracker (R147), personal checklist tracker and record of spending for the week.

While all things may change and the odd sticker may be swapped for a different one, the structure has remained fairly similar each week. This makes it easy to look back at the week and identify where there were success and where things may need to be adapted. Patterns can be spotted, and goals can be changed. Its all working really well and has been supported by additional notes in my bullet journal. I now use a Δ to mark any entries in my bullet journal related to health, again to make it really easy to identify.

I really do believe, that having these things so prominently within my planner and reflecting on them throughout the week, has contributed to my progress with my mental health over the past few months. Plus, it’s a good excuse to really go sticker mad!


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