Planning for Fun

By Design Team - Sophie Ball

Hobonichi weeks by Sophie Ball

One of the main reasons I plan is for fun. I enjoy it. I find it relaxing. There’s nothing like sitting down with your Stickerate binders and planners (maybe Tea & Cake too) and having a good planning session. Especially on a cold, wet day when you can’t go outside. I do plan to be organised and to make sure I don’t take on too much but ultimately it is because it has become one of my most enjoyable past times. Apart from making cake, eating cake….. You get the idea!  I love stickers. From the moment they are revealed for #WNW, to the 6pm release time, to putting them in your basket, to checking out then finally receiving those special, gorgeous goodies! Stickers! I love them (In case I hadn’t mentioned that already). Oh and how can I forget, the best part is using the stickers. This is the most fun bit for me.


Weekly Kit planning

I have a section in the front of my planner where I decide which kits I am going to use for each week so I can make sure I have bought everything I need. And have enough stickers! But the actual planning? Everybody has their own style. From loads of white space, to no white space to no stickers at all! I mean what???? No stickers? That’s no fun! But for me it’s taken a while to find my own planning routine and style. I guess ultimately it depends on which planner you are using. For me it’s the Hobonichi Weeks. My perfect planning session is setting up my desk for a session of watercolour splattering. I tend to do quite a few weeks at a time as I can make quite a lot of mess doing this. And I don’t do mess! Or particularly like it much! Then once this is dry which is pretty much straight away I can get stickerating. In the Weeks I like to use the Mini Weeks Sheet, Make a List and Penguins. There’s just something very satisfying about putting that first sticker down!


Hobonichi weeks and George planning


And let’s not forget George! For those of you who don’t know George – he is a penguin! You may have spotted him on my Instagram, YouTube Videos or just on posts in the EBDUK group. George has told me that he 100% plans for fun. After all apart from swimming, eating and sleeping what else do penguins do? Well for George it’s trying to take over the world but that’s a whole other story. He has several planners. But his main one is a small rainbow TN. Inside he does like to use the odd Penguin Joe sticker and borrow my printer to print off his favourite memories. Pesky penguin!

What do you do make your planning sessions fun? What is your most favourite part of the planning process?


Happy Planning!

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Planning for fun