Planning Disasters

By The Design Team

Planning disasters - we've all had them. The glass of water spilled on a planner, the dog getting hold of your prize possession, I've even heard of someone dropping their planner in the bath! This week we decided to take a look at our own planning disasters and share them with you. 


Robyn Dexter-Attwood

Planning disasters - Robyn Dexter-Attwood Planning disasters - Robyn Dexter-Attwood

This is a weird one for me because I'm not sure if I would qualify anything as a disaster, more experiments. I've tried lots of things and have done lots of things I don't like, but I wouldn't call them disasters. The closest I think I've come is when the spine of my billet planner broke or the day a can of coke exploded in my bag and trashed my bullet journal. The former turned into a positive as it meant I could fit more stickers in it! The latter ended with lots of kindness and the opportunity to really evaluate the different things that went into my planner, focusing my attention on what was really important.


Tracy Macheta

Erin Condren Hardbound

I can confidently say that any planning disasters I have had are now firmly in the past. Looking back at my planners from about 18 months ago, I cringe. They are quite frankly dull, boring and uninspiring. The planners themselves were lovely but my decorative skills were sadly lacking. I do have an excuse though which is that I was very new to planning and hadn’t a clue how to make my planners look pretty as well as functional.

I discovered EllieBeth Designs by chance when I saw a YouTube video in which Rachel was reviewing a planner. I liked her chatty style and her honesty and so I googled to find out more about her. Not that I’m a stalker……

I was amazed by the quality and artwork of the EllieBeth stickers and what a wide variety there was. That was it: I was hooked right away and once my first order arrived, I started practicing. My personal style is still evolving and I get so much inspiration from my colleagues on the Design Team. My most-used stickers are the washi sheets which I often use to make date headers, ¼ box stickers which are really versatile, full and half box stickers because the artwork is beautiful, ombre checklists and always a decorative sheet. My planners now look interesting, pretty and more functional than previously. No more planning disasters for me – except for when I recently found out I was running low on supplies but another order (or three) put that right!


Sophie Ball

EC rainbow colour with too much paint

I really can not think of a planning disaster. I’ve never spilt water on my planner. The dog has never chewed my planner. I’ve never lost it. The only thing I can think of is a disaster spread. I love using watercolour in my planners. Especially splattering watercolour in my Hobonichi so one day I suddenly thought why not try watercolour in my Erin Condren Hourly. It all went downhill from there. It might not look that bad in the pictures but for me watercolour, water and the Erin Condren just didn’t mix. It dried so quickly I couldn’t even rescue it. Then the texture of the paper just changed. It’s safe to say I abandoned that planner spread that week. It’s good to experiment with your planners but I definitely learnt a lesson this time!


Sharon Gubby

Erin Condren hardbound recoiled

I was full of excitement - I'd seen some of my favourite YouTubers from the USA do it, I had all the tools and the right planner and this was going to be it.....planner heaven. BUT....

It didn't go well!

I bought a hardbound Erin Condren planner when they first came out - they are bigger than the normal size, not as big as the A4 teacher planner but a really good size. However, I didn't like the hard-boundness of it and it wasn't going to lend itself to long term stickerating as the spine was quite tight and so I decided to coil bind it instead.  It was time consuming but not difficult but it doesn't turn well on the coil, the pages are a little off and although I used it for a while I didn't love it and so I went back to my other planners. Lesson learned, if you want coil bound BUY coil bound!


What have your planning disasters been?


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Planning disasters