Planning 2020 - Flexible and Adaptable!

Let’s tackle the elephant in the room. We’re all dealing with events that we never imagined would occur in our lifetime. Plans we had are cancelled or postponed, we can’t really make many new plans and the whole world is worried about an invisible threat. How can even consider sticking pretty stickers in our planners at this time? Well, I think this is the ideal time to brighten up every day with a sticker or two and I’m going to give you a few ideas about how you can use your planner when you might feel you don’t have much to plan for.


Use your planner to document your days

Planning one day at a time

There are many ways you could use your planner to do this. Maybe you could write down one thing that happened each day that made you happy or you could add a photo a day of something that made you smile - either way, the EBDUK Gratitude Challenge could support you with ideas.


Art Journaling

Art journalling

If you’ve always fancied having a go at this, now might be the time. Use the ideas from the document your days section above and turn them into an art journal page. Looking back at a page like this will make you smile in the future.


Plan as you go

Plan as you go

Lots of us sit down once a week to plan out everything in our planners and this works wonderfully, but I’m adjusting to working from home at the moment and, as a primary school teacher, this has been no mean feat. For the past couple of weeks, I have plotted out work tasks that need to be completed each day without fail in a weekly planning session and made a weekly list and then I plan out each day as I go. I also focus on three main tasks for the home for each day and try to achieve them. I’ve been using the seven and three-star checklists to make these stand out in my planner.


Be kind to yourself

Word of the week

It’s OK not to have anything at all in your planner and to be planning on the back of an envelope.

It’s OK to plan in all the planners you have at once, if it makes you happy (not that I’d know anything about that...).

It’s OK not to have a plan at all.

It’s OK not to have any stickers (though I’m loving the washi and deco sheets for adding a bit of something to a pen-only spread).

It’s OK to have a full, no white-space spread that you haven’t actually written on because you love the collection and the colours make you smile.

Do what works for you and that might be something different every week or every day and that is OK! Mind you, I can’t go a week without adding Penguin Joe onto a page!

Stay safe, everyone. Stay inside and wash your hands.


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Passion Planner in times of uncertainty