Planners go on Holiday!

By Creative Planning Team Member - Robyn Dexter-Attwood


This week is a busy week for being away. All those events that got cancelled over the past year are suddenly being packed into the calendar. I don’t know about you but I can’t go away without a planner. With everything that’s going on we will be travelling approximately 750 miles so packing light is also essential. Here’s how I’ve managed it.


 EBDUK Summer Experience pouch and planner supplies


1) Decide on what I need: As a multiple planner person, its not always easy to take all of the planners with me and all of the things I would like so I need to be selective. In my packing for the week, I’ve allowed myself to only take what fits within my planner pouch from the Summer Experience box. On this occasion, that’s my Amplify Planner, two reusable sticker books, a few loose sheets and a pencil case. I know other things will get stuffed in, but if it doesn’t fit in the pouch it isn’t going! I’ve chosen my Amplify as it’s got daily weekly and monthly spreads. It’s got an overview of everything, but has the space that I can make notes or record things that I need to remember or for reference for journal spreads when I’m back home.


 Planning one day in an amplify planner with EBDUK stickers


2) Plan the week out: this may seem an obvious one, but as someone who has found daily planning to be a real hit, planning out the week fully in advance is one of the key things to keeping my sane. I usually plan a day or two at a time so I can more easily adapt as the week goes on, but in weeks like this, a little outline really helps. I have the weekly set up using Summer Vibes and have used Aloha for the daily spreads.  


EBDUK reusable sticker books for Amplify Planner 


3) Stickers on the go: A sticker enthusiast needs to have stickers on the go! This is where I confess to having multiple EBDUK binders but they won’t fit in my pouch, so reusable sticker books it is. I am packing the one from the Advent box and the one from the spring box. Two different sizes, but both contain different things. The smaller of the two contains rainbow functional items arranged by colour – handy to have for a little filler. The larger of the two has lunar rainbow functionals but also Penguin Joe stickers. I may not use these, but you never know. I will most likely be using stickers from the collections though. These are mostly just loose in the back pocket of my planner with a few functional stickers in the sticker books where there was only a couple left on the sheet.


Pouch of planner supplies 


4) Pens: People familiar with my spreads know I like to use lots of colour pens. I cannot take them all! I will have my functional writing pens in a small Erin Condren pencil case. Once I’ve finished my spreads and know which colour pens I will definitely use, these will be included in the advent experience pencil case.

Once it's all organised and contained, it can easily be popped in my bag to go away. The pouches have definitely been a game changer for carrying planner supplies around whether at home or when away. Plus the husband approves of the packing rule – if it doesn’t fit in the pouch, it doesn’t go… or does it?


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