Planner Trials - part 2

By Creative Planning Team Lead - Sharon Gubby

The trials continue - in Part 1 I looked at 3 different sized daily layout planners with the Pros and Cons of each. This week I'm looking at 3 different Weekly layouts and their pros and cons and also taking a look at some new additions to my favourite line.

Erin Condren Vertical
Erin Condren Vertical layout with EBDUK stickers
This is the planner I usually come back to:

Pros: I'm a 'list thinker' and I work my days from top to bottom so it works well for my visual brain. It allows me to add tasks in to particular time blocks in amongst appointments and see what space I have for anything that crops up.  

Cons: There are no time slots in this planner so it's a very open format which might not suit a more structured mind! 🤣

Erin Condren Hourly
Erin Condren hourly layout with EBDUK stickers

Pros: Like the vertical this planner works well for a list and time blocking approach - it has the added advantage of being pre-structured which makes a cleaner look.

Cons: The times run from 6am to 7pm which might not be the time schedule that everyone wants. 

Scribbles That Matter - Productive Weeks
Scribble That Matter Productive weeks planner with EBDUK stickers
Scribbles That Matter Productive Weeks with EBDUK stickers

Pros: A great planner for work - the schedule section runs from Mon-Fri works well for a working week and the opposite page has plenty of room for making notes, lists and anything else needed for the working week.

Cons: It does only have 5 days so unless you want to create to more day spaces on the opposing page then it's probably not a fit for a 'full planner'
Something new!
Erin Condren A5 vertical compact
New Erin Condren A5 compact vertical layout

Photo from the EC release day pics on

I don't have a pros and cons for this yet as it's launch date was yesterday and so I haven't had a physical product to look at....but I do have one on order! I was attracted to this new format as a 'task and to dos' planner as there is a good space for each days items. I will either be adding tasks to the days with dates on or using each space for a project for the week. I will definitely be blogging about this when it arrives.

If you're interested in any of the Erin Condren planners you can access them through Rachel's affiliate link HERE.


Coming Next Week:

By Creative Planning Team
Anatomy of a planner layout
The Creative Planning Team are taking a closer look at the elements that make up their planner layouts and how they make the whole overview come together.

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