Planner Trials - part 1!

By Creative Planning Team Lead - Sharon Gubby

It's that time of year again - 3 months into the year and I'm looking forward to the May/June new planner launch season and wondering what I might decide to use. As life is changing again and I might be going places I need to consider what my 'on the go' options, as well as 'desk' options, need to be. With all of this in mind I decided to do some 'planner trials'. I've been trying out a few different options for a week at a time and seeing what happens.

Daily planners with EBDUK stickers

I normally use a weekly Erin Condren Vertical for my master planner and then a note book for lots of lists and notes but I feel like I need more structure for my 'daily'.  Today I'm going to share how my daily planner trials have turned out.

Here is what I tried from the smallest to the biggest.

Personal rings:
When I was younger I used to use a Filofax - this is my purple/blue malden and the leather is absolutely gorgeous.

Filofax personal sized rings with EBDUK stickers

Pros: the benefit of the ringed planner is it is completely customisable. I've chosen a daily layout that gives me a long timed section on the left and the same sized section for to dos and notes on the right. Both columns are a standard 1.5 inches which makes them perfect for any of the standard sticker that fit 7x9 planners, and of course anything smaller.

Cons: I have to say that after the initial excitement of setting up a ringed planner I very quickly become bothered by the rings - for me they get in the way and prevent me writing comfortably where I want to. I could take the pages out and write on them but that's just a faff. 

Daily Duo A5:

I've been an Erin Condren fan for years and the A5 size added an additional dimension to the selection on offer.

A5 Daily Duo planner with EBDUK stickers

Pros:  a good portable size with more room than the personal size. No rings, just a nice sturdy coil that allows me to reduce the footprint of the planner on my desk by folding it back. Plenty of room for time blocking a whole days' tasks and appointments and a space for a to do list and notes. Any stickers will fit.

Cons: no flexibility to easily add in extra pages and sections without having to recoil the whole planner. On a busy day the to do section and the timed section would suit better if they were the other way round. Some space wasted IMOA with the repeat of the monthly calendar on each page. No notes pages between the weeks.

Daily Duo 7x9

Traditionally I've used a 7x9 Erin Condren planner so it's seemed an easy choice to try the daily offering int he same size.

7x9 Daily Duo planner with EBDUK stickers 

Pros: this has a great amount of space for every day - enough to make the bottom right a notes section for jotting stuff down as I go. With the bigger space it's easy to swap the to do and times section over. Any of my stickers will fit this planner and I could easily run 2 schedules side by side if I needed too.

Cons: there is a lot of space to fill every day and on quiet days it becomes very bare. No notes pages included between the weeks.

In conclusion:
My favourite of the three is the 7x9 Daily Duo as it really does have a lot of space and each day can be formatted differently. The extra size of each daily page means the lack of notes pages between weeks  offset by the space on each page for notes. All my stickers fit easy and using them side by side in the timed section means I can add appointments and tasks as well.

What are you looking for in a new daily planner?

Next time I'll be taking a look at some different options for weekly planning.



Coming Next Week:

By Creative Planning Team - Suzanne Roberts

For the love of pocket planning!
The journey so pocket planner journey only began two years ago. I wanted to try out a new planner and I was tempted into rings by Rachel Blundell. I bought a super cute Filofax pocket rings in mint green. I was unsure what to use it for at first and just as I had purchased it we entered our first pandemic lockdown which meant it wouldn't be used as the 'on the go' planner I originally hoped for. Little did I know that a further two lockdowns would scupper my plans even longer. 


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