Planner Itch Relapse!

By Creative Planning Team Member - Kylie Ashby

Way back in December, I wrote a blog post entitled 'Curing the Planner Itch'. I am sorry to report that I appear to have had a relapse and am itching all over the place! I don’t know whether it’s the constantly changing times, the recent events in the planner community or simply the classic Libra indecisiveness but, just recently, I’ve found myself in quite the quandary. This calendar year alone, I have tried a Passion Planner, personal rings, A5 rings, Hobonichi Cousin, Hobonichi Weeks and I still haven’t found that elusive 'Planner Peace'. Let me talk you through it...


Planner layout with EBDUK stickers


Passion Planner - I love the Passion Planner! I’ve tried all sizes. I like the paper, the layout and the fact that EBDUK stickers will fit in them all but there was always something that didn’t quite work. I want it to work and I have tried to make it work but it’s just not quite there.


A5 rings with EBDUK stickers


Personal rings - this is where it all started for me with a FunFax as a child and I used a Personal Filofax all thought University and I still love it. I love the flexibility of the system but I actually dislike writing on the rings and get a bit frustrated with feeling I need to remove the pages. 

A5 rings - As above. The size works brilliantly for me for work, though.


Passion Planner with EBDUK stickers 


Hobonichi Cousin - I love, love, love this paper. I love it for journaling and using watercolour but I just don’t love it for stickerating (though the A5 core sheets at EBDUK fit perfectly) and stickerating makes me happy! I also find I wasn’t really using the daily pages very much so it felt like a waste.

Hobonichi Mega Weeks - As above. I like the mega weeks because of the extra notes pages in the back but I think I purchase this for the Tomoe River paper, more than anything else.

And so, I find myself back in a Bullet Journal, an A5 Leuchtturm 1917 (LT1917), to be precise. I’ve got it slotted in the back of a Traveler's Notebook, made by Meadowgate Leather in a beautiful, undyed leather.  Within the TN, I also have an insert that is simply monthly spreads and notes pages, which  allows me to forward plan and set up my Bullet Journal as I go. I also have an insert with Tomoe River paper in, which allows me to indulge my love of crinkly, water coloured papers. I’ve also been known to watercolour in my LT1917 as it also results in a lovely crinkle. I can’t carry this around with me, so I’ve made some peace with that and have a notebook in my handbag, along with my phone, to allow me to make note of any appointments.


Bullet journal with EBDUK stickers 


The Bullet Journal allows me to be creative and stickerate, when I have to time but also allows me to just write that stuff down, when I need to. I enjoy the process of drawing out lines and making lists and the EBDUK stickers fit beautifully. Make a column 8 squares wide and I can fit a standard 1.5” sticker, like the date headers on the Days & Dates sheet and make it 7 squares wide and the stickers on an A5 core sheet sticker, thought there will be a small gap at either end. I could even use the Mini Weeks sheets, with a bit of adjustment.  The Bullet Journal allows me to change my layouts. If I don’t have much on, or have lots of big tasks in a week, I can use a weekly layout. If I need a day on a page well that’s OK too, as I can just turn over and add it. I think this flexibility is what really works for me and I think that’s the reason I keep coming back to the Bullet Journal when I come down with Planner Itch again!


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Planner itch by Kylie Ashby