My September 'New Year' process & where my planning is now

By Design Team - Sharon Gubby

September 1st for me is more a time for change than January 1st as for the last 18 years it's been the start of a new school year. It's the time that I revamp my planning style and content to accommodate changing family schedules and acknowledge the growth of my children.

It's 'New Year' time again for me and I'm looking forward to it.

I'm currently in 2 planners and looking at adding a 3rd. But before I go into what planners I'm using I thought I'd explain my 'new year' process.


Erin Condren Hourly - preplanning

At the end of August each year I take a good long look at my current recurring tasks and weekly schedule to work out the plan for the coming months. Since I have an old hourly EC with spare pages I take a blank week and add to it all my recurring and tasks and regular appointments etc. I then use this each week when I'm planning to make sure nothing gets missed. It also helps with monthly pre-planning.

So what do I add? Firstly I use Penguin Joes to mark the focus for each day and any recurring appointments - there are so many of these little guys now that it's easy to do and a great, quick visual reminder of what is coming up. I have all my recurring DT tasks - listed out with checklists and my custom headers. I use 'priority task' custom headers for project work. My sidebar is made up of whole box checklist for monthly recurring tasks, a tracker to remind me to add trackers (!!) a birthday sticker to remind me to add birthdays monthly, plus a video sticker, blank box for spurious trips and then a lovely adulting sloth to remind me that in all the hectic planning of life I need to take time for me too. Decoration from an 'end of collection' adds to the finished pages.  I use this template every week for my planning and add the tasks from it into time slots to get done.....well that's the theory anyway!

And so to my current planners:

Erin Condren Vertical

My 'workhorse' planner is my Erin Condren Vertical. I've been in a version of this planner for about 5 years now. I'm a very list oriented planner and the layout her suits the way I think. I've tried all sorts of ways of using the 3 boxes but always come back to the way the planner was originally designed and labelled with a 'morning - day - night' arrangement.


EDC Chic Sparrow

My 'EDC (Every day carry)' is a Chic Sparrow Odyssey Classic Artemis - a discontinued style. I have my own inserts which I made to suit what I need each week; combination of boxes that fit EC sized stickers and daily notes and weekly layout. The new mini weeks sheet is perfect for this size of planner and I love it. 


EDC Chic Sparrow

I try to be realistic about how much time everything takes me so my regular tasks, project work and appointments are all scheduled into Mon-Fri. Friday morning is used for catch-up tasks as things run over because of unexpected events. When I made my inserts I added a half page in before Friday to allow me to bring forward those catch-up items and it works really well. This way I have Friday afternoon left for creative time. I really look forward to this and it keeps my creative process going.

I'm trying at the moment to decide how to add a 'wellness/health' element to all of this planning. I think it will have to be a separate surprise there really.... but I've yet to decide what format to use.

It's a dual edged 'September New Year' this year as it's  the last year that we go into a new school year in the same way - my DD goes into her final 6th form year and then next year will bring new schedules of her own as she goes to University. Luckily she has just discovered her own planning style and we're having fun together discovering how she like to plan!


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 Erin Condren and Chic Sparrow planning