Planner challenge - Websters Pages

By Creative Planning Team - Korrieann Peters

When I started planning I bought myself a personal ring Websters pages but it didn’t last long before I was hooked by travellers notebooks and my Erin Condren. So when Rachel sent me the Honey mini monthly collection I decided I would give them another try. 


Websters pages with EllieBeth Designs Uk Stickers


This size will be a challenge to start with as I am used to my Erin Condren LifePlanner, but that just means I will be able to get creative and if that pushes me out of my comfort zone even better as I love to be challenged. So starting in June I will be challenging myself to get creative. I will dig into my stash and use all the pretty stickers I have forgotten that I even have. That way I can replace them with even more stickers haha. 

Before I dig into my stash I had to use the 'Honey mini monthly' and it fits perfectly on my inserts. It’s like Rachel magically knows exactly what stickers I need!


Websters Pages and EllieBeth Designs UK Stickers


Even though the size has changed one thing I have kept the same is changing my calendar  to a Monday start instead of Sunday, so I've re-dated my pages using the sticker collection. 

There isn’t really a lot happening at the moment so I was able to use the Honey deco sheet to decorate the pages and how pretty do they look !!! 


Websters Pages and the Honey collections from EBDUK


Oh and I just had a thought if I go use lots of my stickers now I can start replacing them on What’s New Wednesday !!! 

But for now I hope everyone is well and happy stickerating !!! 


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Websters Pages and EllieBeth Designs UK stickers