Planner Accessories

By Design Team - Sophie Ball


Multiple planners by Sophie Ball

Firstly there are the planners of course. I’m currently using two planners. My EC Hourly and a Hobonichi A6 notebook. My EC stays at home on my desk and gets updated daily (when I remember) and my Hobonichi is my on the go planner so stays in my bag.

Next are the planner accessories. I have lots. I’m not going to lie so I could pretty much talk about all of them but I’ve managed to get it down to my top 5. These are my most used and most essential. Stickers, Pens, Craft Knife, Penguin Paperclips and my HP Sprocket!



EllieBeth Stickers 

I use stickers in both planners. I’m still trying to decide which are my go to sheets from the EllieBeth Designs UK collections as I’ve switched things around a bit lately. But my favourites at the moment are the A5 core sheet for my Hobonichi. These are perfect for a small planner. And Days & Dates, Event Labels, Half Boxes and Deco for my EC Hourly. Oh and don’t forget Penguin Joe! Especially the new sheet. I also have a huge supply of samplers so carry some of those with me in my planner. You get a couple in with your order so my collection has built up quite quickly!



Planner accessories - Sophie Ball

My favourite pen for my hobonichi is the Pilot Frixion in Black. I like to be able to erase things  so these are perfect and you get minimal ghosting from the pen. For my EC hourly I use a Papermate Ink joy Gel in black too. Black pen all the way for me! I’ve tried different colours but it just doesn’t work for me!


Craft Knife

Craft knife accessories

I use this for cutting washi or date labels on the A5 core sheet. I’m always very brave and place the washi in the planner then cut it. I’ve only ever cut through too far and cut the actual planner too. Doesn’t stop me doing it though!


Penguin paperclips

Penguin Paperclips for your planner

I love my penguin paperclips. I have collected quite a few of these so far and always have one or two in my planner. The rest of the time they sit (untidily) in their display tray!


Mobile printer

Memory printing for your planner

I had one for my birthday last week and I love it! It's portable and so easy to use. So when I want to print a quick picture for my planner I can do it there and then! My plan is to print one everyday and stick it in my planner. I’ve never tried memory planning but thought this would be a good start and something I may be able to keep up with!


What are your top 5 planner accessories? Anything unusual?


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Planner Accessories for Erin Condren and Hobonichi