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I have two planners and a journal at the moment. A passion planner pro, hobonichi weeks and a B6 TN. I use the passion planner and the Hobonichi for the same thing. I put the same appointments, to do lists and trackers on each week. I put the same photos in my passion planner as I do my TN and I recount my day in my TN. 
Why Katie? I hear you ask. Surely you can just put this all in one planner and be done with it? Probably... but I don’t want to and here’s why. 
I love stickerating, I really do and I love planning out my day. I like to see my week and my days in multiple ways. 

Katie's Passion Planner Pro

Passion Planner Pro:
Size - It’s really clear. The way the weeks have been designed is visually appealing and the times are clear.
I like the monthly assessments and the mind mapping space and approach.
Time slots - I like to see how much time something will take so I can see the time around it. I use the mixed event labels to do this. 
Room - for photos on each day and in the monthly overviews.


Hobonichi Weeks 
Size - It fits in any bag. It’s small and compact.
Layout -  I can see the week in one go and map notes on the other page to go with it. I love how the A5core sheet brings a week together. 
I list appointments and important events and don’t need to think about time use. I use my passion planner for that.
I like how cute stickers look on it!🥰

 Katie's Hobonichi weeks and B6 TN


B6 Travellers Notebook
Here I write about what I have done and how I have been feeling and thinking for the day and I add photos and stick stickers 🥰
I could put all this in one planner but then I wouldn’t carry it around with me and I wouldn’t want to read my innermost thoughts whilst trying to plot appointments or cross off to dos. It works for me and I’m sure the repetition helps me consolidate plans and remember what I am doing each week.... which at the moment is mostly looking after a three month old! 
How many planners do you use and why? Which planners did you use? If you are thinking about adding another planner to you planning routine (the answer is ‘yes, you need to’) which one would you use and why? 
I’d love to know what you’re all up to!  

Katie x



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by June

I’m with you there Katie,
I too, use multiple planners for the exact same reason.
My ECLP is the equivalent of a mother board or hard drive in a pc, it simple holds and records everything necessary.
My A6 tn allows me to see clearly one insert at a time in more detail and my field notes tn is small enough to throw in my bag and carry around for work. And last but not least, I love to brighten them all up with stickers.