Penguin Joe and Custom Orders

By Creative Planning Team - Helen Worsfold

Is my current planner set up working?
As we return to some normality living with COVID I have returned to 'hybrid Working', which for me means a long travel to London from Yorkshire for two days. I am not sure where January and February have gone, but I have not been filling my home planner in.  Part of this is being on the road carrying two planners, and not having 'me time'.
March therefore sees a little planner change up. No surprises there for many of us!
Looking for 'Planner Peace' – the A5 coiled notebook must be the answer:
Penguin Joe and EBDUK stickers in a personal rings planner
The reason my work planner was in rings was the lack of an A5 notebook from Erin Condren that would allow me to frankenplan. They have just brought one out.  However, I had found an alternative in the UK from Harriet Wright including some lovely covers that fit onto the A5 coiled planner. Great for anyone not wanting to pay US shipping, and a little change from the norm.
Back to my routes of Rainbows and Penguin Joe
I first started buying stickers from EllieBeth Designs as I loved rainbows, colour, crochet and Penguin Joe.  I didn’t really use any of the monthly sticker packs for work, choosing to keep it simple. 
Last month I needed to have more space for thinking and went back to simplifying my work calendar.  I will still use #stickerateMONTHLY and monthly packs in my home planner, but I spent time thinking about which script stickers I really use on a daily basis. I had also started to use some of the Mini Penguin Joes from Rachel’s packs and loved that they didn’t take over the page, but still brought a smile to me face each day.  So, like the A5 notepaper with the new mini Penguin Joes and custom scripts, I think I have answered my dreams!
Here’s an example of how I am now setting out my planner:
Personal rings and Penguin Joe stickers from EBDUK
Custom Scripts and more mini Penguin Joes:
For those of you who may not be aware, Rachel offers a great service in allowing you to ask for a custom sheet in terms of colours and scripts.  So, I decided to bite the bullet and order new custom scripts for all the key words and headings I used in my work and home calendar.  I also made a list of all the Mini Penguin Joes I was using, which I wanted to use on a regular basis. The ordered was created, my birthday present to myself and now I'm just waiting for my Happy Mail to arrive. I'm really looking forward to going back to my roots and enjoying March planning. 
Penguin Joe stickers from EBDUK for personal rings
I’m not going to get too worried and beat myself up right now if I only manage to keep on top of my work planning and don’t manage my home planner. I am just going to take my Petite Daily planner on the road and look for planner peace.



Coming Next week:

Suzanne Roberts - 6 Months of #stickerateMONTHLY

Let's talk about the benefits of sticker subscriptions and celebrate stickerate monthly......a great way of saving on your sticker spend, a brilliant way of trying something new and who doesn't love surprise Happy mail dropping through the letterbox?!

Stickerate monthly has now been running for 6 months and what a selection of designs we have seen.


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