By Creative Design Team Member - Robyn Dexter-Attwood


I am an avid fan of the Passion Planner and have used all three sizes at some point in the past four years. For me, one of the best things about the stickers from EBDUK is that they are flexible enough to fit in all three sizes of Passion Planner.

Passion Planner FAQs

There are three sizes of Passion Planner which have gone through a recent name change. They sizes are Large (previously the classic) - this is letter sized which is a bit shorter and a bit wider than A4; medium (previously the pro) which is B5 and small (previously the compact) which is A5 

With these sizings in mind here are some suggestions for using EBDUK stickers in your Passion Planner.


Passion Planner and EllieBeth stickers

What stickers will fit in the columns of my planner?
Small – For the small planner, the column sizes are much narrower than most planner. However, the A5 Core sheets fit really well, fitting so that you can see the timelines as well. The A5 core sheets also come with header strips for a Monday start, but if you trim them evenly, you can easily use them for a Sunday start week. These sheets have a lovely combination of functional stickers and deco and in my experience, are just the right amount for a weekly spread.
Medium – This is easier as the columns in the medium are the closest fit to traditional planner columns. For this planner, you can pick any of the sheets are get on pretty ok. The date covers from the days and dates work well if you're covering the todays focus box as well. Header stickers and skinny event labels take up an hour slot. Quarter boxes and event labels take up 1 ½ hours. Half and full boxes also work well for a large chunk of time.  The thing to be aware of in the medium, is that the stickers do overlap the timelines. I don't mind this but some people might.
Large – Take your pick – any of them work! They are not an exact match, they take up a similar amount of space as in the medium. If you line the event labels and boxes against the right hand edge of the timeline you get a similar sized gap to the right had side of the label. Date covers work well if you add some washi under them to cover the original days. My favourite way to do the days in the Large, is to use the washi strips from the side of the collection sheets across the page and put the days from the bottom of the sheet on top. Another tip for the large, the full boxes fit the columns exactly if you turn them through 90 degrees.

Passion Planner monthly layout

What stickers will work on the monthly pages?
Small – again the A5 monthly sheets fit really well. The header strips are Monday start but a little measuring and cutting will make them work for a Sunday start.
Medium – The monthly core and monthly skeleton work really well in combination to give you the structure of the month and a few extra details whilst still keeping the space of infinite possibility and project space. If you want to cover this space, I recommend Notes Page 2. This gives you two lines boxes to write in and the habit tracker strips (with a bit of washi from the monthly extras) work really well to cover the space.

Large – I would suggest the same as the Medium, except you can also add Notes Page 1 into the mix if you want to go all out. This work particularly well if you have the undated large with a 5 week monthly!


Passion Planner with washi and EllieBeth stickers

For both the medium and large, I have added in extra bits of washi and event labels from the collection to add some more decoration or variety.


Passion Planner and checklists

What checklists work in my planner?
Any of them will work in the space of infinite possibility as this section is a blank space. I like the three-star checklist from the A5 core sheet in the small planner. These work out at about 2 lines per star and are great for a mini to do list. In the large I like to use the seven-star checklists in the to do list space as this is a really easy and colourful way to break it up into different lists.
I hope this helps if you’re considering a Passion Planner and wondering how to fit in your EllieBeth stickers.


Passion Planner FAQs