One Mini Kit – many layouts!

By Creative Planning Team - Robyn Dexter-Attwood


Over the past year, we have been lucky enough to enjoy the seasonal experience boxes which contain mini collections for us to stickerate with. Now, we get some mini kits in the form of the monthly subscription and some other releases during the month. So while I know which sheets I would get from a full collection for my planner needs,  I’m still slightly getting to grips with how to make these mini kits work.  Easy way to fix that – how many spreads can I actually get out of a mini kit. 


Mini Kit from EBDUK for planners 


What is in a mini kit? 

I’m using the classic size options with contains  

  • a weekly core sheet 

  • a combined days, dates and Penguin Joe sheet 

  • half boxes and deco sheet 

  • a functional sheet with a selection of washi strips, checklists, labels and icons.  

For these spreads I’m using the recent autumn experience box collection, Hello Autumn. 


Weekly spread one: Passion Planner spread 

Passion Planner with EBDUK stickers in


I have a fairly standard way of planning in my Passion Planner and so this was the obvious spread to create. A few strips of washi, some of the labels and the odd additional sticker from those available and I’ve got a theme for the week that I really like and am looking forward to filling out. I used the washi and day headers as they work a little better with the narrowness of the days at the top of the spread. It means I can still use the daily focus boxes. 


Weekly Spread Two: Amplify Weekly 

Amplify Planner with EBDUK stickers


These spreads are normally horizontal, but I’m experimenting with the vertical print outs at the moment. There are just enough half boxes within the mini kit to use one of these for each day to highlight the daily good things. I saved the day covers for this spread as I knew I had the depth for them, and washi strips are great for dividing up the page as well as adding decoration. This is also where I’ve included penguin Joe stickers as a reminder of different things as I have a bit more space. 


Daily spread: Amplify Planner 

Amplify Daily with EBDUK stickers


This is my daily workhouse planner and has varying levels of stickers. Off cuts of washi work well for adding a bit of thematic decoration across the page. Remaining labels and text headers add more personalised structure to the day. There’s space to use more penguin Joes and I’ve used the remaining half box checklists for tracking meals and things that made me smile during the day.  


There's still a lot left over and I could probably get another spread out of them but I’ve definitely got a feel for how to use the mini kit within my planners. So my advice if you’re not sure... just give it a go! 

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