Notes Pages in my Planner

By Creative Planning Team Member - Robyn Dexter-Attwood

We all have different planners and most of them have a variety of notes pages. For me though, they all had one thing in common - they were hardly ever used. I like my planner to feel used, so it was really annoying that there were these chunks of my planner that were blank and empty.

That was until Rachel sent me some of the monthly notes sheets in my Create Planning Team Pack. Over the past few months, I have dabbled in using these, and they are a really good way to keep track of things over a month. I now feel like these spaces are being used effectively.

Review it:

Monthly review page from EllieBeth Designs UK

This is one of the first sheets I started using regularly. It's an easy, big single sticker to create a really useful page for goals and monthly reflection. I personally like to link this to my Power sheets to help keep track of the different areas of my life. At the end of each month, I fill this in the rating and rapid log for what I want to do less of and more of. It's a great way I find to refocus on what's important for the new month going forward. You could link it to any monthly focus or goal as a way to review. Alternatively, I think it could be a great tool to track one thing over a number of weeks. (review it)

Track it:

EBDUK Monthly tracking sheet

I’m still finding my way with this one, but I love that there are different parts to this that can be used in different ways. The monthly habit trackers are a great way to highlight your main focus for the month or those habits you really want to build on.

EBDUK Monthly Track it sheet

The Currently box is a lovely way to create a little snapshot of a moment in time and what you are up to. It's a nice thing to include for memory keeping.

EBDUK Monthly notes sheet

I also just like having a decorative space to write sometimes. It can work for monthly to do lists, for notes or memory keeping. (track it)

Budget it:

EBDUK Monthly budget sheet

I’m still working on how to use this best for me. There are multiple strips that can be used in different ways and combinations. For now, I’m using a few of the strips and headers to record what expected outgoings there are for the month, and then a record of spending each week in different areas.

EBDUK Monthly budget sheet

For this I haven’t used every strip that's on the sheet, but there is scope within my planner to include it on a weekly basis. If you use a horizontal planner, this could be included within a weekly spread to help keep your budget really prominent in your planner. (budget it)

I’m really enjoying trying different things out with these these monthly sheets, but I really like that they coordinate with the monthly spread sheets - that way it doesn’t matter whether the page is within the month or at the back of your planner, it all goes together!


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