No Sticker Left Behind!

By Creative Planning Team Member - Natalie Bowers


Hello! It’s me, Natalie, here with a question to ask you: what do you do with your leftover stickers? I don’t know about you, but I really dislike having a few stickers left on a sheet. It feels untidy, and they look so lonely and left out! So, I was delighted to find, when I opened one of the Advent Experience packets, a beautiful EBDUK sticker album.

 EBDUK Sticker album

I confess, when I first saw sticker albums come on the scene, I was rather dubious about them. Why keep leftover stickers at all? Why not just stick them on a page? But over time, I’ve come to see how useful such albums are. You can remove those leftover stickers from their sheets thus eliminating their untidiness, and then you can gather and organise them in a way that suits the way you stickerate, plus you can store them for just the right moment to use them.

 EBDUK colour coded reusable sticker album

My brain works in colours. I organise all my arts and craft supplies in colour groups, usually in rainbow(ish) order. When starting a project, whether it’s planning, painting or memory-keeping, colour is how I initially select media and materials. It seemed natural, therefore, to organise my EBDUK sticker album according to rainbow order, plus a few extras. So, I’ve got red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, black, white, grey and rainbow/multicolour. 

To help me easily find the colour I want, I added coloured tabs every few pages. Until I knew how my album would work for me, I stuck these tabs down with double-sided tape, but now I know how many pages I actually need for each section, I think I’ll attach the tabs more permanently, maybe with a mini stapler.

 EBDUK reusable sticker album

Now that I can readily see all my leftover stickers, I’m thinking of doing a leftover sticker week in my bullet journal, maybe mixing them with some of the rainbow washi strips from the A5 functional sticker sheets.

Reusable sticker album 

So how does your brain stickerate? Do you organise your stickers by colour, by shape, by size, by function? Whatever way you sort, I think an album would be a good way of grouping your leftover stickers, because they’ll be there waiting for you, ready for when you want to use them.

Until next time … happy stickerating!

With love

Natalie x


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