2022 - New Year Planner Stack

By Creative Planning Team

It's that time of year again - New Year and new planners for a lot of people. This week we are share the planner stack we are starting the year with...... I say 'starting' because we all know that planners people are contrary creatures and we can change our minds very rapidly! We really do have different styles and the planners we've chosen reflect this. So read on and see what we've chosen and why.

Happy New Year everyone - Sharon x
Sharon Gubby
I've gone back to my favourite Erin Condren vertical this year and for once I'm starting a new planner in January after years of September 'school year starts' in September. I've been in an hourly for the last year but I was really missing the vertical as it suits my planning style perfectly. I have a Hobonichi weeks for 'work tasks' and I'm waiting for an undated goal planner which I supported on Kickstarter - I'll share that when it arrives. I also won an Erin Condren Monthly planner in a giveaway and am excited for that to arrive. After talking to Korrieann I think I'm going to use this for my creative projects this year. 
Planner stack with Erin Condren, Hobonichi and EBDUK stickers
Robyn Dexter-Attwood
As some of you know, I have come to the conclusion that planner peace is simply using the planning system that is right for you at that moment in time. So here is my planner line up for the coming year:

  • Elite black Passion Planner as my main planner
  • Tilly Journals goal planner which I’ve already started and I am loving
  • Amplify Planner for my daily detailed planning
  • Year of the Tiger red Passion Planner as my mental health journal
  • Wonton in a Million A5W Porcelain – just because I liked it!
I know it will change, I won’t use all of these all the time and things will probably get added or replaced but that’s ok because I know I’ll be making my system work for me in that moment. 

2022 Planner stack - Passion planner and EBDUK
Korrie-ann Peters
My 2022 planner stack is a smaller one so far, I’m so disorganised this year. I have my A5 agenda from Erin Condren with the mid century design and the weekly layout, and I’ve just realised that I can get budget inserts and notes insert to add to it so guess what I am away to do??
My second choice is the Carpe Diem spiral planner which was a bargain price and I just couldn’t resist it, I am going to use it as my social media planner to help keep my organised. Well hopefully it will as Sharon could tell you I’m very last minute haha.

Korrie-ann Peters planner stack with EBDUK stickers
Suzanne Roberts
My 2022 planner stack has a bit of a theme this year and it's mid century circles. Obviously for me it's made up of Erin Condren planners but I have won an Instagram competition where I've won 2 new planners so watch this space for a further update once they arrive in January. I am so pleased to back using an EC daily Duo. I've missed it so much these past 6 months but this time I opted for the A5 version. I will continue in my Eclp flora which is an 18 month planner. I've bought another EC softbound pocket planner again as it's a perfect bag size and to finish off the stack I always have a notebook. This years notebook is EC Darth Vadar vegan leather cover. Planner bands are always a must with my planners as I stickerate every week so they become very bulky. 

Erin Condren Planner stack with EBDUk stickers
Katie Teage
Well, when you have a ring planner it’s kind of all in one! I’m trying to stream line my sections a bit this year so I use them all effectively. In 2021 some sections were just ignored…. I don’t want that to happen again…
But… I’ve seen some photos of peoples multiple planner line up and I’m tempted. So IF, and a big if, another planner joins me then it’s going to be an Erin Condren vertical, for my ‘fit before 40’ project and possibly a personal TN for journaling (not that I’ve thought about this at all and of course I don’t have them ready to go… see photo)
This is, again, where the versatility of Rachel’s stickers is just amazing. I won’t have to buy a load of different stickers as the ones I use will work across all planners. If anything I will buy a standard weekly core for the EC… but that’s all… maybe
Planner stack with rings and EBDUK stickers
Angelique Patnett
After spending the last few years chasing down the perfect dated planner with a pre-printed layout, I have decided for 2022 to go with a blank dot grind notebook with thick brilliant white pages.
Archer and Oliver will be the only feature in my line-up this year (famous last words) but in three different sizes. My everyday planner is an A5 size (light blue) where I will be trying out the page a day spread similar to the EC Daily Duo featuring EBD stickers of course. Next up is what I call my dinky (not sure of the size) Archer and Olive notebook in navy blue that I will be using to record my daily gratitude. Both notebook colours go well with the sticker binder that was in the EBD advent calendar this year. I will have to resist the urge to make it a “50 Shades of blue” planner because we got lots of gorgeous blue kits in Rachel’s advent box this year.
Finally a new edition to the Archer and Oliver family an A4 Blackout notebook, in dark purple, that I will be using to plan and track my goals. It goes perfectly with the pencil case and planner pouch I got in the EBDUK 2021 Advent calendar. I have never used black paper before let alone a black dot grid planner so this is way out of my comfort zone but I’m ready for new experiences. Whatever planner you chose this year make sure it does what you need it to do to make you daily life positive and productive in 2022.

Planner stack for 2022 with EBDUk stickers
Helen Worsfold
Well it’s been a lovely Christmas break, I have been spending time thinking about achievements in 2021 and looking forward to 2022 planning out my goals and planner stack.  I love to take time out at Christmas to recharge my batteries and prepare for the new year.  My planner set up is a big part of this process .  This year I have gone for the following set-up .   
I have kept my same diary covers both are Louis Vuitton and a gift to myself last year.  One is A5 Rings and the other an A5 cover. Hopefully they will last a lifetime.
  • Work Diary Planning :  Erin Condren (EC) Daily Duo A5 rings this year and a petite planner 3 months Daily to summarise the day.
  • Home Diary Planning:  Here I am franklin planning 2 diary systems 3 months at a time – Erin Condren A5 Coiled Daily Duo and Life Planner, one for tracking my day and the second as a wellness and goal planning journal.
I am keep one yearly EC Petite planning for list’s notes and goals – I am going to use my Stickerate subscription planning in this one it will be nice to have a years view.
Finally this year I have bought and Archer and Olive dot grid journal just to start to capture information about my life and creativity.
I am excited to see what the new year brings.
Planner stack with EBDUK stickers
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