New Year Planner Stack - The Design Team share their 2019 Planner Choices

By The EBDUK Design Team -

We hope you've had a great and peaceful Christmas and are looking forward 2019. With the New Year fast approaching here's a quick look at what the Design Team are starting the year with for their planners. We'll be sharing more in depth looks at these planners and how we've set them up in the coming weeks.

Happy New Year! 


Sophie's 2019 New Year Planner Stack 

Sophie - For 2019 I am going to complete one (or two) planners for 12 months! I say this every year but after a brief break from my Hourly, I am now back in one after realising how much I miss it. As much as I keep getting tempted by other planners. I’ve also bought a Hobonichi Techo. The Techo will be my on the go planner with Daily Pages and my EC Hourly my stay at home where I can break down my day and manage my time. I need to have everything written in one place so I can see what exactly is going on; included are any challenges I’m participating in, meal tracking, to do/buy/go lists and any general appointments and maybe there will be the odd space for a doodle! Having separate inserts was just not working as they were getting neglected and not completed properly. I’m going to keep my B6 TN at home and use this for projects, recipes etc. And I also still get to stickerate twice! I have organised my stickers into two binders – one for kits and one for all the rainbow sheets! Fingers crossed I have found something that works for me… But circumstances are always changing! Let’s not even start on the new STM Bullet Planner. I may find a use for that one yet…

Happy New Year xx


Natalie's 2019 New Year Planner Stack

Natalie - Since I started bullet journaling, I’ve never deliberately started a new planner on the 1st of January. I’ve just carried on using the bullet journal I was in at the time, unless it happened to run out at the end of December as it did last year. This year, though, I’ve still got room for at least two months in my current notebook: a Breeze from Taroko Designs. I love it because it’s made from 68gsm Tomoe River Paper, which is a dream to watercolour and write on! Having said that, I also love the Leuchtturrm1917. It’s a very satisfying notebook to fill and is a little sturdier than the Breeze, so once the Breeze is full, sometime near the end of February, I think I’ll move back into an LT, at least for a while. I’m always on the lookout for lovely notebooks, so who knows what else I’ll try in 2019! 

Wishing you a Happy New Year xx


Linsay's 2019 New Year Planner Stack

Linsay - For the new year I’ve decided on two planners to use daily and two planners which are actually entirely new to me. They’re not rings, strings or discs which are the types I’ve played around with these last two years, but are bound books.

I’ve decided on the Hobonichi mega weeks as my everyday carry, it’s enclosed in a Galen leather cover that’ll live in my bag and go everywhere with me. I’ve split the week into work and home so I can mark down clearly when I have appointments and when I’m working, the notes page each week will be used for daily rapid logging (bullet journal style) and the back pages are for additional notes. I’ve already used a lot of the back pages and they’re a bit of a jumbled mess but I’m figuring it out. I have three of the super thin weeks additional notebooks too, one for finances, one for monthly to dos and one to keep track of my crochet projects.

In addition to the weeks I have the new Scribbles That Matter a5 bullet planner, this has pre-made layouts which I can decorate and bullet journal in so I think it’ll be the best of both worlds. It’ll be my home planner and will give me a good look at the week to see where I have additional time for things and which days i’m busy.

As a little extra I have a hobonichi cousin which originally would have been my home/stickerating/one size fits all planner but will now purely be for journalling and sticking in pictures using my Sprocket.

Have a great and healthy New Year xx


Robyn's 2019 New Year Planner Stack

Robyn - If you’ve read my recent blog post on December being a dry run for 2019, then you’ll have a vague idea of what might be included. Obviously, there is my Passion Planner. This is a fixed feature and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Then there is my faith planner - a classic sized Faith Warrior planner by Happy Planner. This will be a stay at home item and very personal. My Foxy Fix No 8 is coming back and housing my bullet journal, a scratch notebook and the new Erin Condren daily planner and budget planner. The idea behind all this is to be a bit more organised around future planning and budgeting plus I need the space in my bullet journal for all sorts of other things. For work, I’m using a Frankenplanner - a classic sized vertical lined Happy Planner with sections from the Teacher Planner and a Happy Notes. Finally, I’m using a mini Happy Planner for recording all things social media. It might seem a lot, but everything has a purpose and I honestly think it will help me. Here’s to 2019!

Happy New Year to you all xx


Desley's 2019 New Year Planner Stack

Desley - My “New Year Planner Stack” has all the pretty planners. 2019 is my year to settle into a routine for separating work from all the other things I do. I did a major career switch in June 2017 and I feel like I’ve settled into that new role really well and I’m loving it. Since it’s quite a departure from what I had been doing for the twelve years prior, I’ve had to change the way I set things up, track my schedule and review my days and weeks and months. I’m in my B6 kikki.K for my everyday carry and I love it. I have my brand new A4 kikki.K compendium for taking to meetings. I haven’t set it up yet so I’m looking forward to doing that. I have my kikki.K TN for memory-keeping-style journaling - I’ve fallen out of doing that lately, but want to get back into it again. And I have my Archer and Olive Planner for gratitude journaling and challenges - the paper is divine and you can use watercolours in it. Oh and how could I forget my little kikki.K red pocket for on-the-go, quick notes and travel?! I’ve loved having it as my Christmas planner so I think I’ll keep it for an on-the-go. Oops one more - I’m thinking about bringing out either my A5 Love Your Life or my personal size Met You as a project planner for work. We have a lot of projects coming up this year and I want to have a space dedicated to those. I’m very much looking forward to setting everything up for a well-planned and happy new year! 

Happy New Year xx


Sharon's 2019 New Year Planner Stack

Sharon - I've recently moved into a new planner setup. My day to day planner for 2019 is a Chic Sparrow Personal Artemis with daily inserts from Annie Plans Printables aswell as notebooks. The daily insert system I have works really well. Alongside this I'm setting up another Chic Sparrow, a B6 Mr Darcy in Bennett, to be my repository for notes, goals, projects and lists. It's a work in progress and will take a little while to get right.  I also have an Erin Condren which I use for memory keeping and stickerating with new EllieBeth Collections and I'll be using a Hobonichi Techo for gratitude and daily ramblings!

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year xx



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