New sheet favourites!

By Creative Planning Team Member - Robyn Dexter-Attwood


My 5 favourite things about the new sheet formats

EC decorated with EBDUK stickers

With the latest releases, we were all treated to a revised format for the collections. I went a little bit sticker mad and bought most of them to try out in different ways and in different planners. I’ve set up three monthly spreads, three monthly tracking pages and two weekly spreads. I’ve had a lot of fun stickerating and thought I would share my five favourite things about the changes and how I’ve used them.


New format washi at EBDUK

This is really noticeable as it’s on every sheet in the collection. A variety of the sheets now have split skinny washi strips. For me this is a great thing. I have been trimming washi down for ages and this makes it so much easier. For covering headings to marking out strips of time or just adding a bit of decoration, the strips work brilliantly. I was hesitant about whether it would work in the large passion planner as these are the ingest headers I have, but the skinny strips still work. And hey, you can always buy more than one washi sheet if you need something a little thicker.


Labels - new format at EBDUK

These are brilliant. I like a label in my timed planners for making something pop out, but the range of label sheets now means you can use them for so many things (and get the ones that you just want to use). From writing my own headers to making appointments stand out there are lots of uses for labels and the variety now is even better than it was before.


New icons sheets at EBDUK

I love a good icon sticker. I find them helpful for tracking things easily and quickly on both monthly and weekly. They're great for bullet journaling as well as another addition of colour in any spread. These sheets provide plenty of icons for use across a month or multiple weeks. For January I had enough coordinating recycling icons for every single week if I wanted to use them that way. But I've spaced them out and used them in different ways.


New checklists format sheets from EBDUK

There is nothing we love more than ticking things off a list and now there are so many! Different length lists and some that still have seven markers that can be used for weekly things. I’ve used these everywhere! In the monthly spreads and weekly. I like using checklists to divide the to do lists in my passion planner and the new sheets are brilliant because there are five spaces in a box and five marks on the middle length checklists. I always found myself reaching for top up checklists before but now there are loads.

They go even further! All the changes combined mean that you can make the stickers go even further with a lot more coordinated functional stickers. I really like the changes as they suit what I like to call pretty functional planning which is what I aim for. I've got the space to do what I want with just the stickers from the collection and have loads of notes and tracking from the new sheets.

I love the new formats and I think alongside the joy of having new planners for 2021, it's going to be a positive planner January!

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New favourite sheets from EBUK