New planners on a budget!

By Creative Planning Team Member - Sharon Gubby

Who doesn’t love a new planner? Silly question really! I have my regular daily and weekly planner but I have found myself in need of a health planner and I have wanted to set up a planner for my social media tasks for a while too.  June is great time to try something new especially if you don’t mind starting half way through a yearly planner - after all you can cover anything you want with stickers!! So I set myself a challenge….to find 2 planners from everyday sources that I could buy for less than £30 to complement my regular, expensive, yearly treat planner….

I had a lot of fun searching through regular retail outlets to see what there was and I finally found these:

Yes Planner and Wordsworth Planner 


Yes Studio A5 Power Planner

This cost me £14.99 and I bought it from Amazon, it’s also available in other places but Amazon was the best price. It is an undated daily planner and has a double page spread for each day - no extras. What I really like about it is that it has boxes for each hour, rather than a traditional vertical or horizontal layout. I love this as I will be able to use it to log food and medicine at the right time.

 Yes Planner daily layout

On the right it has a space for daily journaling, checklist and a daily doodle spot. I really love its simplicity and it will allow me to customise it as I go.

I’ve used washi strips for some decoration, Penguin Joe’s for meal times, medication, steps and the other things I need to record


Wordsworth Planner

This was my real bargain at £4.99! Again I picked it up on Amazon.

A 6 month daily goal planner that is packed with features – it has instructions at the front on how to set up your goals, contents pages, forward calendars with a space for notes and dates, 6 months overview, contacts and password reminder pages, times zones and travel planning before it ventures into the goal setting pages.

Wordsworth Planner 

After this it has a monthly layout before getting into the daily pages.

Wordsworth Planner monthly layout


At the moment I’ve set up the monthly page and played around with the first daily. I’ve used the new monthly colour dating sheet for the headers – I trimmed them to fit, not tricky and well worth doing, a couple of small stickers from the rainbow #stickerate (TM) sheet to cover the box headers. I’ve added a monthly habit tracker, video setup sticker and one of the new stickerating quote sticker. A quick priority task checklist (custom listing) and it’s done for now.


Wordsworth Planner daily layout 

On the daily page I’ve trimmed down the new daily duo stickers for the header columns, added a daily duo ½ hour event sticker for the date and some  dotted washi to decorate. There is also a weekly reflection page.

I’m really pleased with my budget purchases, I even had money left! and I would really recommend taking a look at what’s around at this time of year to supplement your normal planner, or just to try something for fun.

What planner are you trying for the second half of the year - let me know.


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Wordsworth and Yes planners