New Planner Time: Monthly, Weekly, Daily

By Creative Planning Team Member - Sharon Gubby


It's July and for me that means starting new planners.   Each year the style I choose may be slightly different but I have found that my underlying system remains the same. That planning system security allows me to change into a different planner and still keep all the juggled items in the air.  For me planner peace is a combination of my system being right and choosing a planner that supports it. I've dabbled in lots of planners but there has always been an Erin Condren in the mix. For this year's planners I have chosen an hourly layout and the new A5 Daily Duo.


Monthly Planning:

Monthly layout in an EC with EBDUK stickers

Here is where I start my planning sessions. As I run round my daily tasks and time allocated items and projects any new appointments get added to my Google calendar then when I sit down to plan I add everything to my monthly calendar in my EC hourly planner. The new vinyl stickers look amazing in the monthly layout and I've used the monthly skeleton from the 'Joy is Everywhere' collection to decorate July. I change the layout to a Monday-Sunday week and use stickers from the smaller labels sheets to add in appointments. Having a monthly layout allows me to have a complete overview of major appointments with basic details so I can see where planning in events and projects is possible. It also allows me to keep track of Uni holidays and major family get togethers.


Weekly Planning:

Weekly overview with EBDUK stickers

I made a change to my weekly planner this year and went with an hourly instead of a vertical. Those that have followed my planning style over the years will tell you that this is a major change for my main planner.  As life has changed and we don't now have a 'school driven' life style with all it's events and commitments and I only need to keep track of University term dates I have found that my personal tasks and projects are benefitting from a planner that allows me to 'time block' my days. The hourly lends itself to this perfectly. It's strange that as I've lost the structure of school days I've gone to something more time based but it's easy to lose track of things I get involved in and have time run away from me if I don't impose a structure on myself for 'must dos' against 'want to dos'. In my weekly planner I allocate time to tasks and decant the appointments and events from my monthly layout into my weekly overview. The weekly core sheet is great for my week and I love to add stickers from the deco and smaller appointment sheets. This week I've used an old collection 'Summer Vibes'. 


Daily Planning:

Daily duo and EBDUK stickers

For this I'm using the new EC A5 Daily Duo. I was so excited when the original Daily Duo came out but being a full 7x9 planner I found that the daily page gave me too much space to fill and I relied more on an A5 Leuchtturm notebook for my daily planning instead.  The A5 size Daily Duo has changed that completely. It's a perfect size for me to plan everything I need to do each day.  I love the fact that it lends itself to using up all the oddments of rainbow stickers I have left. I can use washi and headers and day headers and have the joy of planning each day fresh and new and choosing a style depending on my mood and the tome of the day.


I'm feeling really comfortable about my planners and system at the moment and feel they support what I need from monthly, weekly, daily layouts.



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