New CPT Members' planners

By New Creative Planning Team Members - Stacey Page, Suzanne Roberts and Tracy Macheta.

We have three new CPT member this month and this week they give us an insight into their current planners and planner style; which stickers they use and how they use them together. If you want to see more of their creative talents you can find their social media links in the link at the bottom of the blog.

Stacey Page
Horizontal EC with EBDUK stickers

I am currently using an Erin Condren horizontal Life Planner and I believe this is my happy place. I've tried using a number of layouts but I can’t seem to get them to work for me. The beauty of the EllieBeth Designs stickers is that they work with all sorts of planners and layouts.
I use my planner as multi use planner between home and work, so it is generally full of stickers, notes and lists.

Long checklist stickers from EBDUK

I would have to say my must haves are the 7 Star Checklist as these are used for my daily tasks for work. I also carry with me a mixed event labels sheet with me in whatever collection I am using for the next 2 weeks/month. You just never know what is going to pop up in the day that you need to add in. Lastly but never forgotten are all the Penguin Joe stickers, he makes the simplest task seem much better. Why just write down clean little tray when you can have Penguin Joe make it seem such a better task.

Suzanne Roberts
Planner stack with EBDUK stickers

The start of 2020 looked very different in terms of my planner selection to what it is currently. I began 2020 with my ECLP weekly vertical, my EC monthly binder for budgeting and my EC soft bound vertical for gratitude. Safe to say, this lasted until April. The monthly budgeting binder was just too much for what I needed. In June I invested in the EC Daily Duo - but I didn’t want to retire my ECLP weekly so I took the brave decision to uncoil and recoil 6 months of each together - I frankenplanned my planners so to speak. And I have to say it has worked wonderfully and so I will be repeating this again come 2021. In March I purchased a pocket rings Filofax as I wanted something smaller to carry around and something I could accessorise a little differently.

All the EBDUK stickers in lots of planners

I love using decorative sticker kits in my ECLP, usually purchased on WNW release days as I can’t wait for the new designs. I use the weekly core, half boxes and sometimes a decorative sheet or full boxes. If I go for the full collection then I do find I can get up to 3 weeks of spreads adding some rainbow functional stickers in from my stickerating collection. My daily duo is generally functional stickers with an odd Penguin Joe thrown in or a cute countdown. The long headers and event boxes fit perfect on my daily duo pages.
For my pocket rings the mini weeks sticker sheets are brilliant and with the amount of stickers on the sheet I can usually get a good 2 weekly spreads out of the one sheet.
My gratitude journal, EC soft bound is the planner where I try to utilise the part or leftover sticker kits or some weeks I will try to go with a theme utilising some event boxes, functional flags mixed with some quotes or decorative stickers. I have to say I do love a good look through the sale selection or a bundle pack of discontinued stickers. One of my favourite spreads pictured above in my EC soft bound using a St Patricks' Day kit from a previous EBDUK collection.

Tracy Macheta
Hobonichi weeks and EBDUK stickers


I’m currently using three planners regularly: a Hobonichi Weeks as my EDC, a Scribbles That Matter B5 bullet planner for work and a Hobonichi Cousin Day Free for occasional memory keeping. I’ve actually surprised myself by using the Hobonichi weeks for a whole year but I’m chuffed that I found a planner that suited my needs so well. The weekly view on the left gives me just enough space for appointments and the notes page on the right is great for random notes and lists. I love the full box ombre checklists to keep track of my online purchases and any “happy mail” that’s due to arrive. I like to use some decorative stickers to add a fun touch to the layouts.


STM Bullet planner and EBDUK stickers

The STM bullet planner has monthly and weekly layouts and I liven these up with date headers, washi strips and various sized rainbow appointment labels. It may be for work but I still like it to look pretty!  The A5 monthly sticker sheets fit nicely in this planner too.

Finally, I’ve been trying the Cousin Day Free since September as a memory keeping book. It’s good because I don’t feel under so much pressure to write something every day which is a relief because I don’t think my life is so exciting that it needs a daily record. Instead of stickers, I’ve been using collage, washi tape and the odd splattering of watercolour paint. I’ll decide in December whether this is something I’ll continue in 2021.

You can find Tracy, Suzanne and Stacey and the rest of the Creative Planning Team and all of their social media links HERE.


New members's planners with EBDUK stickers