by Sophie Ball, Design Team Member

My Planning Routine!

Everyone has a planning routine, don’t they? I mean you have a certain day of the week, somewhere you like to sit, someplace that has a particular view like a garden or in front of the laptop watching You tube videos, or somewhere special you like to go and of course you have to have the planning essentials with you! That is if everything goes to plan. If it doesn’t well then that’s another story for another time! I have been known to stickerate on occasions at work or when I’m on the go! I’ve seen on social media people planning on holiday, in their cars, at play centres or just at home on the sofa or in their dedicated planning space. So I hear you ask where/when/how do I do it? Where do I plan? What do I use?

Where I plan

So let’s start with Where?

I have a dedicated planning space. My desk. But this doesn’t always mean I want to sit here. This would be the most logical place as that’s where you’ll find all my supplies. So my stickerate binder, pile of unsorted stickers, pens, crafting tools etc. Sometimes I like to sit in the Dining Room as that’s where the light is usually at its best, where I can take photos and where I can see when the other half arrives home so I can quickly hide all my stickers! Or sometimes the sofa if it’s late in the evening and just want to relax on the sofa in front of the TV!


For me it is usually a weekday afternoon. Usually Thursday but this can vary depending on what else I have on. This is because I am usually on my own apart from the dog who can on occasion be rather put off by me stickerating and not paying her enough attention. There are no distractions and I can quite happily get everything out and plan to my heart’s content and not be judged by the amount of stickers I have! Sometimes an hour or two has passed and I haven’t even realised! This is why I plan at a certain time because when things can get hectic, I always find it helpful to have dedicated that time to plan so I’m never behind. I like to be organised!


I’m usually planned 1 – 2 weeks in advance. So let’s say I’m planning on Thursday I’ll plan the next upcoming week. If I know I’m very busy in the coming weeks then I may plan another week or two. So at the moment of writing this I currently have planned for the next 3 weeks. On my planning schedule I’ll be planning a further 3weeks ahead this week due to an upcoming holiday, work and cake making! I also have a monthly insert which I add any upcoming events to so I use to plan my weeks as I go along. I like to be organised!

What I need to plan my time

What I need!

My planner of course! Which is currently a B6 TN. Stickerate binder with my EBDUK stickers! Pen (whichever one I’m currently using). Tea! Scraps of paper that have accumulated in my bag! Random pile of stickers that haven’t been sorted! A penguin or two. Planner snacks. Somebody’s latest PWM video to watch as I go along unless I’m filming myself.

What I plan

What I plan!

Work, shopping deliveries, milk deliveries, cake orders, WNW, deliveries, cleaning, appointments, F1 races, household tasks, habit tracking, meal plan for the week, shopping list, next week’s upcoming appointments. Sometimes if there’s not much going on then I just generally stick down a Penguin Joe or two to fill a gap!

So over to you! Where do you plan? Do you have a favourite place that you like to escape to? What are your planner essentials?


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