My planning on the go essentials

 by Design Team - Sophie Ball

Planning essentials for on the go planning

Today I’m writing about the planning essentials I take out and about with me. Most of us have a planner that we take out on the go with us, an EDC (everyday carry). It may be a small planner in addition to our main planner or it may be that we only use one so it goes everywhere. I use an EC Hourly which stays at home as I find it far too big and heavy to carry around. My smaller Hobonichi Techo A6 is my on the go planner and this fits perfectly into my bag. I recently downsized my bag as I was just carrying too far too much unnecessary stuff and it was far too heavy. I was using a B6 TN at this point and was just filling it with more and more inserts because I had the space. But then I wasn’t using half pf these so what was the point? So I moved to a smaller planner. My current bag is far roomy than it looks and you’d be surprise at what I can get in there. You may be wondering what else is in there apart from my planner? Purse, keys, pens (several), hand cream and of course stickers. Inside my planner there are more stickers, paperclips, shopping lists, odd scraps of paper with notes to add later on and my Penguin Joe die cut!


Planning on the go bag 

I have a few pens with me, usually my Frixion pens as I love these. They fit in one of the small pockets in my bag. Being erasable they are handy when you’ve written the wrong thing or plans change. The paperclips and Penguin Joe go in the front pockets of my planner. But most importantly there are stickers…..


Planning on the go pocket essentials

Which stickers do I take out and about? Usually I have the sheets of whichever collection I’m using for that week so I can add these as I go along. Sometimes I plan the whole week when I’m busy but if it’s a quiet week I’ll try and add stickers as I go, or if an appointment comes up, or something needs doing I can add it there and then. The EBDUK samplers are perfect too and get tucked into a front pocket. These are an ideal size for any planner and I have a few of these with me at all times. Especially the Penguin Joe Cake for when I have a new cake order to mark down, sick Penguin Joe for a sudden headache or just some of the older rainbow samplers. The Penguin Joe sticker sheets that come as part of each collection fit perfectly in the back of my a6. Always handy to have some penguins to hand. You just never know when you might need one!


Samplers for planning on the go

Why do I need to take stickers with me? When I’m busy I never know when I’m going to have time to stickerate. Early in the morning before work, at work, having a coffee or when I’m away from home. And I just love stickerating! It’s really handy having them there when I need them. My on the go planner is the one that gets updated most frequently so it makes sense to keep them nearby.  My bag has a small zip compartment in the middle so they are securely kept in there!


Sticker storage for Penguin Joes

What are your planning essentials? What do you take on the go with you? Do you take all your planners out and about with you? What EBDUK stickers do you take out and about?


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