By Design Team Member - Tracy Macheta


For my first blog post for the EBDUK Design Team, I thought I’d reflect how my planning style has evolved for the better over the years and in particular how the EllieBeth Designs stickers led to me finding planner peace.


 Erin Condren Hardbound Planner layout


I’ve been married for quite a few years (I was a child bride in 1985!) and pretty much from day 1, I found it useful to keep an A5 desk diary in the house so that I could jot things down quickly e.g. items for my shopping list, appointments, lunch dates with friends, etc. These were functional diaries but they were bland and boring, with lots of random scribbles, crossings out, with only an occasional sticky note to liven them up. The smaller personal diaries I used to carry around with me were equally uninspiring, I’m sad to say.


Last year I discovered the concept of “proper” planning and excitedly purchased my first ever Erin Condren planner, a vertical hardbound edition. However, I found that I was still in a planning rut, as you can see in the first photograph. I’d spent quite a bit on the planner so I wanted it to be visually attractive and user friendly but I didn’t know how to do it. Shortly afterwards, I came across a YouTube of Rachel Blundell talking about  EllieBeth Designs UK stickers and that’s when I had my light bulb moment!


 Erin Condren Vertical layout


What I needed was a weekly theme or colour scheme so that my planner looked more cohesive and organised and, more importantly, would make me use it more effectively. With an extensive selection of stickers available on the EllieBeth website, I bought a few sheets (OK, quite a lot of sheets) and had a play around with them. I spent hours working on different spreads and layouts both in the Erin Condren large hardbound planner and the smaller hardbound one I’d subsequently purchased. The result was that I finally found my planning mojo and I love it!


 Scribbles That Matter weekly layout


I don’t like a lot of white space in my planners and so my go-to stickers are usually a mixture of decorative stickers, full and half boxes, and washi. I like the fact that there are new collections available with monthly #What’s New Wednesday releases as well as staples like the Rainbow range which you can mix and match with the various sticker collections, Penguin Joe activity stickers and shiny name decals. Since January of this year, I’ve been using a pre-printed Scribbles That Matter A5 bullet planner as my EDC (everyday carry) and EllieBeth stickers work in that too. I have a more organised life and planner peace as a result – that’s such a good feeling after years of faffing about.


The other two photos show what my current planning style is like and I’m very happy with it. Going forward, I may factor in more weekly checklists, task headers and maybe even a few extra penguins! There are endless possibilities so I know I’ll never get stuck in a planning rut again.

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