My Planner Essentials for 2022

By Creative Planning Team Member - Suzanne Roberts

Planner stack - Erin Condren and EBDUK stickers

This year's line up includes exclusively Erin Condren planners, although I do have a competition win of a B6 Stalogy and a Hobonichi winging it's way to me as I write this so watch this space. My current 18 month ECLP weekly vertical will continue until the end of 2022. A new mid century circles design softbound pocket planner in horizontal layout is included this year and I was so impressed with mine last year. The new addition is the EC A5 Daily Duo. I missed my daily planning in the last 6 months so it has returned yet in a reduced size.

Sticker binders
Sticker albums by EBDUK for EC sized stickers

One for collections and one for functionals. I've bought A5 punch pockets to keep the sticker sheets hole punch free. Collection sticker sheets all fit perfectly into the pockets apart from some of the daily duo sheets which thankfully fit perfectly into the clear pockets inside the outer cover of the binders.

Reusable sticker album 
Sticker books by EBDUK

With a new one on order, I find these an absolute must in my essential items. I don't like having lots of half used sticker sheets in my binders so as soon as I have used a collection I utilise the sticker album to put the unused stickers together. This really helps me plan future spreads based on collection themes, colour palette or theme and occasion.

Daily Duo sticker sheets
Erin Condren Daily Duo sized stickers from EBDUK

I've been preordering daily duo sticker sheets in different formats for my A5 since the beginning of November. With so many fantastic sheets available I was unsure as to which ones would work best with my style of daily planning. So a bit of trial and error is called for to work out which daily duo sheets will be my go to ones. And ultimately another reusable sticker album will need ordering to arrange my spare daily duo stickers to.

Weekly core
Weekly core sheets from EBDUK for EC planners

No matter what collection release it is I have to order a weekly core sticker sheet. It forms the basis for 9 out of 10 of my ECLP spreads. It has everything I need for the core essentials of both decorative and functional stickers to set up my layouts. I find I can then utilise other stickers to fit around the decorative elements of the collection as I did in my Little But Fierce spread a couple of weeks back. This fabulous sticker sheet is a must buy for any planner on a budget.

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