My Passion Planner Daily and new planner fear!

By Creative Planning Team Member - Robyn Dexter-Attwood

I experienced a new feeling this year when opening my new planner. I experience complete fear of starting it! This is something new to me as I’ve just dived into every planner I’ve ever had. I think I honestly looked at a blank day for 20 minutes at one point before putting it away for another time.

Passion Planner daily  

For those of you who have missed it, the Passion Planner Daily is a three-month undated planner that still has all the same goal based theory, but it has a two page daily set up! I’ve wanted something like this for a long time so I was overwhelmingly excited by the announcement, the kickstarter release and especially when they arrive! (Imagine the Carlton dance from Fresh Prince but with planners in hands)

Passion Planner daily

I’ve been so excited to receive my Passion Planner Daily, and I have been really patient about not starting it until 1st January. But I opened it during the last week of December and went into panic mode about what I was going to do with them. What else do you do but get out the stickers – they are removable after all!

I’ve obviously looked at lots of these planners over the past couple of months as the working group have shared their spreads online, but I predominantly want things to work for me and plan in a way I want. Therefore, pretty functional is clearly the way I wanted to go.

Passion Planner Daily setup

Then I wrote a list of what I want to include. This list is partly taken from my wellness planning, partly from the therapy things that I have worked on, and partly from my 2020 Power Sheets:

  • Sleep
  • Screentime
  • Physical activity
  • Daily tending list
  • Hydration tracking
  • Meal tracking
  • How I’ve spent my time
  • Personal checklist
  • Space to journal, offload or write down things I want to get done for me

I think I’ve adjusted my overall planning style to be colourful and themed but in a way that is still very functional for me. So with this list, a handful of mild liners and all four of my EllieBeth ring binders, I finally dove into the fresh pages!

I started with the left hand page. I decided in advance that this would be my more functional page. I would treat the timeline section in the same way I have done in every other Passion Planner. The other boxes I divided into two distinct groups based on pre-planning and reflection. The planning boxes I just highlighted the heading, the reflection boxes had colour added by drawing over the outline of the boxes.

Passion Planner daily

The right had page would be all the other wellness things, starting at the top. Food tracking, hydration, sleep, steps, screen time. Then I decided that this would be the ideal page for my penguin joe weather. I love them and want to include them, but I’ve struggled to find where to put them that works for me – not anymore! Under this section, is space for anything else. I’ve been trying to record wins and enjoyable things to maintain positivity.

I’ve been using this for a week and I love it already. The room for everything in one place, the way it works alongside everything else in my setup, the fact I can make it colourful, and most importantly of all….

I can fit LOADS of penguin joe stickers into it!


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