My New Planner Love - but is it Planner Peace?

By Creative Planning Team - Vic Walters

So after many years of using multiple planners at the same time, I decided earlier in the year that I wanted everything (OK, practically everything) in one place.  My everyday carry (EDC) was my personal ring planner and my main memory planner was my Erin Condren Life Planner which stayed on my desk at home.  With life being so hectic I was finding it hard to find time to put my memories on paper.  A good planner friend told me about the Hobonichi Techo Cousin, and from then on I was hooked.

Hobonichi Cousin and EBDUK Collection

Being split into three sections; monthly, weekly and daily, it was perfect.  I chose the larger Cousin version of the classic Techo as I wanted plenty of space to write everything. The Ellie Beth Designs A5 pages fit perfectly into this size.  My small "other" planner is a small monthly planner has now become my handbag sized EDC.

Planner monthly view

I use the monthly pages to forward plan, to see what adventures I have planned for weekends, personal daily events and meetings in the week, both personal and business.  Plain pages just aren't for me so here the EBDUK A5 monthly collection is a must.  Just that little bit of prettiness on the page. 

Weekly Planner view

My weekly pages are my daily lifeline and I section them off to make it easier to see what I have on throughout the day.  I stickerate with the A5 core sheets and the washi is great for these sections. This sheet of stickers can last for over a week.  Top section and left margin is for my to do lists and general trackers.  Next is my work time appointments. Then evening events, followed by my Instagram and food trackers.  I would be lost without this. 

Weekly Planner view

Now my daily view is my thoughts. It's the thing that when I'm old and grey (and from one year to the next) I can go back to, look at the pictures, read the words, and reminisce about the good days, and the bad.  It's my memory, and I love putting it together.  I've recently been using the A5 Essential collections for all of my Cousin requirements, and it's perfect for these decorative pages, particularly the washi and deco sheet.

So is it Planner Peace?  At the moment, yes! I'm loving the lay out.  Will it last?  Maybe, I hope so, but we'll see.  

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