My Journey With Time Planning

by Robyn Dexter-Attwood, Design Team Member


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Time planning.

Now when I first heard this phrase I thought why on earth would anyone want to do this. If anything, I thought it was a waste of time! I think my biggest problem was having listened to my husband go on an on about time tracking (a tedious element of his job) so why on earth would I want to do it! I was in a phase of majorly binge watching YouTube videos having just discovered the bullet journal and the wider planner community. I watched videos on how to set up a time log in your bullet journal and I just couldn’t get on with it.

2 years on and I never would have thought that I would be lost without my time based planner.

There were several options when I first looked into this. First of all was the Erin Condren hourly. I had had an EC for about a month and then thought let’s just do this. I really liked the process of blocking out the time on a weekly basis and seeing where I was busy. It was a radical change and a wonderful realisation. But… there was only a small section of the day recorded and in the end, my hourly just turned into a massive to do list. There is nothing wrong with that but I was definitely missing something.



Next came the greatest discovery of my planning journey! The Passion Planner. I stumbled across a video on YouTube that featured this planner and it looked like something that I needed to try. The timelines were longer and in smaller chunks than the hourly EC plus there was space for notes and lists and brain dumps and I knew I had to have one! I lucked out with an EBay purchase on an undated that someone was gifted and didn’t want and the rest I would say is history.


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From that point on, I have had a Passion Planner on the go. Until this month it was a classic. I know my point of view on this is different to a lot of people, but the size and structure of the planner was brilliant for me. The biggest difference this planner made was to my mental health. I know a lot of the design team have mentioned their personal struggles with mental health and well-being - this was my game changer.

Planning was helping, but time planning made sure I didn’t get overwhelmed with tasks - something that is very easy to do as a teacher! I could see my entire day and week in time. I could see the gaps, I could see the busy work days, I could see the deadlines. All of which made me more conscious of what I could get done in a day and I started adapting my to do lists to help me.


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For me, this was everything and I wasn’t bothered by the size of the classic. Now I am also a multiple planner girl and I would be lost without the addition of my bullet journal to record all the tasks. And of course, where would a planner be without the addition of stickers!

The best thing about the recent changes in the stickers at EllieBeth Designs UK is the fact that they are even more Passion Planner friendly that ever before! I have never been bothered about cutting up stickers to make them work for me, but the new sheets (and the new pro size) mean I really don’t have to. There is such a satisfaction that I get from completing a week in my Passion Planner with all of the stickers! And seeing everything mapped out makes it easier for me to manage each day and stay on top of it all.

For me, time planning is the key to managing a very busy life and a very full head!


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You can find Robyn on Instagram as @mylife.plannedout and on YouTube too! 




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