My First Bullet Journal and EBDUK

By Creative Planning Team Member - Belinda Hearn

I have been intrigued about Bullet Journaling for some time - the thought of starting with pretty much a blank page and creating your own setup sounded quite exciting, yet a little daunting.

I spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos about Bullet Journaling for beginners, and was blown away by the different styles of Bullet Journaling.  The freedom it allowed was a real draw for me and I wanted to give it ago myself.  

So I decided to start my very first Bullet Journal this April and I wanted to incorporate EllieBeth Designs UK stickers into the mix.  Also having a monthly theme appealed to me, giving me the opportunity to draw and create at the same time.

I have been holding onto some of the stickers I had from the lovely Serendipity collection, including the Notes ‘Track it’ which I thought would be ideal.   As well as pulling from other sheets in the collection.

I decided on Classic Pooh Bear for my April Theme, and started by making a list of some of things I would like to include in my monthly setup.


Monthly Title Page

Bullet journal monthly title page

I drew a delightful picture I founded of Pooh and Piglet being carried away by a Balloon in a dutch door design for my Monthly Title Page.


Monthly Calendar 

MOnthly calendar page

I pretty-upped my Month at a Glance using some Washi strips to cover up the unused days and added some butterfly’s that appear throughout my April pages.


Notes / Currently

Bullet journal monthly notes page

The Notes ‘Track it’ stickers where just perfect for this page, so very pretty and functional.  Allowing room to make notes for the month at the top of the page and a Currently List which is always fun to include and look back on.



Bullet journal trackers page

I totally needed a tracker for my daily vitamins, I can’t for the life of me remember when I have taken them.  So this was a must.  I used the large decorative box from the Notes ‘Track It’ sheet.  I also came across a gorgeous picture of Pooh and Christopher Robin I wanted to have a go at drawing, which turned into a beautiful Washi banner.

And yes I am unabashedly a gamer, love my ESO and Sims4 amongst an array of other games.

So I also included a tracker for my daily rewards, events and other gaming needs.


Weekly Setup

Bullet journal weekly setup

This weeks setup I used some of the stickers from the Days and Dates sheet, and layered some of the Half Boxes.  I decided on a mixed Vertical and Horizontal layout, leaving room for another Pooh drawing.

I really enjoyed incorporating EBDUK stickers into my pages and found the ability to truly customise my planner challenging and exciting. I am looking forward to choosing which EBDUK collection to feature throughout May, and what my May Theme will be. 


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Bullet Journalling and EllieBeth Designs Stickers