My Favourite functional stickers

by Design Team - Tracy Macheta


 Erin Condren Layout by Tracy Macheta


Before I joined the wonderful planner community early in 2018, I had always kept a “home diary” in the kitchen, and jotted things down so that my husband and I would have a rough idea of what we were supposed to be doing, and when. These diaries were usually A5 and in all honesty rather dull, messy and uninspiring. In fact, it was rare that I kept one going for more than a few months because I lost interest.

Once I immersed myself in “proper” planning, all that changed. I need to write things down as my short-term memory occasionally has a blip due to a head injury I sustained in an accident a few years ago. If an event or an appointment isn’t in my planner, there’s risk I could forget about it. (I did once invite my mum and some other relatives for tea one day and when they all turned up, I was 10 miles away indulging in some retail therapy! Rather embarrassing to say the least.)


Hobinichi Layout by Tracy Macheta

I use decorative stickers as I like my planners to look pretty but the EllieBeth Designs functional stickers have really changed my life. I’m currently using an Erin Condren LifePlanner at home and an A6 Hobonichi Techo as my EDC (every day carry) and I have never been so organised and efficient.

To highlight meetings or other notable events, I frequently use rainbow ¼ boxes or scalloped ¼ boxes because they are easy to mix and match with whatever collection you’re using. Occasionally I’ll use the rainbow ½ boxes if I need to add a bit of extra detail as my writing isn’t very small.

The rainbow full box size ombre checklists are great for mini shopping lists or for writing down stuff I need to remember to take to work, for instance. I have also been known to use the large and small ombre checklists for tracking any treats or snacks I'm have when I’m following my weight loss plan. I also have the Penguin Joe 'bathroom scales'  stickers too for my weekly weigh-ins – these are there to keep me motivated.


Hobonichi by Tracy Macheta

In my Hobonichi, I use the mixed event labels quite a lot and alternate them with the ¼ boxes as I find the appointments stand out more if there are different types of stickers. I love my “day off” stickers too! I think my planners would look rather dull if every day looked the same, with the identical stickers and no visual excitement.

I like to keep a few essential functional stickers in the pockets of the Hobonichi cover too so I can write something down straight away if I need to. Of course, I do write directly on the planner pages too but I really don’t like too much white space.

My favourite functional stickers represent only a small amount of those which are available from EllieBeth Designs. You can find them under the “Rainbow Essentials” section on the website.

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Erin Condren Layout from Tracy Macheta