My evolving 'Every Day Carry' story

By Design Team - Tracy Macheta

It took me a while to settle in a long-term EDC planner largely because when I first started seriously planning about 18 months ago, I wanted ALL THE PLANNERS! I have to say, I was a little dazed and confused by all the brands, sizes and styles available and therefore trying out a few didn’t seem unreasonable. And then there were stickers! So many stickers to choose from but …. would they fit in the planner I was using? Buy ALL THE STICKERS and see! Oops. Straight down the rabbit hole.


EDC by Tracy Machets 

My first EDC was a small Erin Condren hardbound planner which was a good size and didn’t get damaged in my bag. My original efforts at stickerating to pretty it up were a bit feeble but I then found a look I liked and I used this as my EDC from March – December 2018. I felt quite proud of myself as some relationships don’t last that long! I used some skinny rainbow washi to divide each day in half and then added themed stickers from different collections along with rainbow functional stickers e.g. Penguin Joe on his bathroom scales for my diet club weigh-in, or quarter and half boxes to liven up my spreads.


Tracy Macheta STM Layout


For the start of 2019, I wanted to go a bit larger but only up to A5 size as for me, that’s a big enough planner for carrying around each day. I bought a pre-printed Scribbles That Matter bullet planner. This is smaller than the original STM B5 planner which I tried but the undated layout didn’t really suit me and it was actually quite heavy. I changed the weekly layout slightly using date covers so that I could have seven full days rather than the pre-printed Monday to Friday view and a combined weekend box. I used the A5 monthly sheet for the monthly spreads and I really liked the way they looked. All was going swimmingly with the A5 until my penguin-loving Design Team colleague Sophie introduced me to the A6 Hobonichi planner.


EDC by Tracy Macheta

Oh my word! I loved this size right from the start. A page a day is very useful although there are some days I feel a bit anxious that I haven’t filled up an entire page. It suggests that I don’t have much to do which is far from the truth. There is plenty of room to use stickers and I use the washi strips from the various EllieBeth collections to cover up the Japanese writing at the bottom of the Avec I’m currently using, as well as the time slots on the side. I also add some of the decorative stickers as I think the pages look a bit unexciting without a bit of added prettiness. I like the versatility of the A6 Hobonichi as I can use it for simple to-do lists or use stickers to mark appointments and decorate the pages a bit more.


For 2020, I have ordered the English version of the A6 Hobonichi but as it’s only September I am keeping my options open. I do think though that my heart belongs to the smaller planner and I love having it in my bag so I can jot things down quickly when out and about.


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My EDC carry Story